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    Here's my signup. I hope everything is okay. If anything at all needs to be changed or corrected, please let me know. Also, thanks for letting me make a female Snake, Leaf. Should be fun to play.
    Name: Anna Volynsky

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Nationality: Russian

    Character: Snake

    Obviously, Anna’s appearance and costume has many differences from what some consider the “typical” Solid Snake outfit. However, she has tried her best to remain faithful to the character and his original inspiration. Anna is about five feet, nine inches tall. Her well defined and lithe build help her carry off the Snake costume with confidence. As opposed to Snake’s natural coloration as portrayed in games, Anna has almost completely contrasting definition. Her eyes are bright, piercing blue and hair a sunny, almost bleach blonde that comes down to her shoulder blades when left unmanaged. In her cosplay, she keeps her hair in a ponytail and bangs restrained by a kerchief or bandana as seen on Snake’s character. The pale complexion of her skin is evidence to her lack of sun bathing or any prolonged exposure to the sun.

    The costume was hand manufactured in her apartment, a source of pride for her after all the hard work she went through. About the only things “off the shelf”, were the body suit that clings a little uncomfortably and military boots that give her the slightest height boost. A homemade, spelunking type harness was used to serve as a frame for the rest of her many belts and pouches that wrap around her waist and thighs. About midway up her right thigh, a custom holster and plastic gun made by her model making friend, serve as exact replicas to the real thing. It rests perfectly within reach and is strapped securely to prevent it from falling loose.

    The thick utility belt around her waist houses the many replica gadgets and grenades one comes to expect when they think of Snake. These are positioned in such a way as to not hinder mobility but still provide easy access to open or close each container. Her hands are well protected by the thick, warm gloves that seem to merge perfectly with the body suit.

    Costume Inspiration:

    Roleplay Sample:
    It was the rhythmic sound of waves that slowly wormed its way into Anna’s senses. It wasn’t the preceding darkness of the box and then light of sun, but the sound that finally woke her from the groggy and seemingly listless trip through dreamland. Anna had never spent much time on beaches before. The sound was almost foreign, the only time she had actually heard the sound of waves was when she was younger and took a trip to the United States with her family. Aside from that brief foray, Anna had never really ventured outside her home of Moscow. Moscow, that was where she was before. She was at a convention, but what happened? Everything was foggy, like a memory that wanted to be known but proved impossible to recall. The waves continued their relentless lapping against the shore, just like Anna searched through the recesses of her mind for answers.

    Slowly lifting her head and upper body, everything was stiff and sore. Wet sand covered her costume and she could feel it clinging to her hair. The body suit would prove easy enough to clean, but that was the least of her concerns. “Где я?” She asked quietly under her breath, a small bit of resignation and confusion clearly evident in her voice. Cupping her hands over her eyes, Anna tried to survey what was around her. It wasn’t much; a desolate beach, a box that had clearly seen better days and an impermeable forest that contrasted with the openness of the ocean. She dropped her head in thought, her eyes studying the sand and the way it moved beneath her heavy, boot clad feet.

    “Good, you’re awake.” A female voice seemed to engulf her from all sides. The voice seemed different than the ones she was used to. It wasn’t the english that threw her, it had a warmth, an almost ethereal quality to its tone. An owner to the voice quickly became evident as a white... something appeared in front of her. It was almost beyond definition and Anna found the best way to be some sort of human dragon hybrid. Like something from a fairy tale, or... a video game.

    “Wh- who are you?” Anna asked her back in english. Her voice heavily accented but perfectly understandable from the years she spent studying the language in school. “Where am I?” She just about shouted at the creature. Her lack of understanding brought her fear, but with it also came great resiliency and fire.

    “I am Camelia,” The dragon answered back sweetly, her attitude seemed unfazed by Anna’s hostility. “I am not the reason you are here, but I am the reason that you are free and unbound.” She straightened herself and looked down at Anna appraisingly. “My brother Insane, both in name and mentality, has brought you here, along with others I might add. I have freed you because I need your help. My brother has machinations in the works that could bring unspeakable horrors to this world. I aim to imbue you with the powers of the one you wear garments of. With your combined might of the others on this island, we may have hope at overcoming this threat.”

    “Okay, where are the cameras?” Anna asked sarcastically and crossed her arms indignantly. “You got me!" She turned around and looked for anybody else who might be nearby. "Great prank, very funny!” A forced laugh escaped her lips, it was almost uncomfortable sounding and obviously she didn’t find the situation as funny as she played it off to be.

    “This is no prank, I speak only the truth.” The dragon reached forth and touched Anna’s head. The world spun anew, as if it ceased to exist and a bright light overcame her senses. “There, you should now have all the skills and abilities as promised. The weapons you wear are fully functioning also.”

    “Yeah right. These are plastic, my friend made them.” Anna pulled a grenade from her belt and yanked the pin. “There is no way in hell that these things are actually going to work.” She stared at the creature and threw the grenade up and down a few times like a baseball.

    “With that, I take my leave.” Camellia said quickly and fled from her presence, not before she knocked the grenade from Anna’s hand. A blinding flash and searing heat hit Anna like a brick wall. Her hair billowed behind her from the blast’s wave and gently settled back on her shoulders when it subsided. The sound of the ocean now replaced by the ringing of her ears. Sand where the grenade had landed turned into a gapping maw of a crater. The hole was almost as big as Anna’s dropped jaw. She could not believe her eyes, these once simple, plastic toys had created an explosion like that of a real grenade.

    She quickly regained her composure, her eyes looked fleetingly at the departing creature. “W-wait! What do I do now?” She called after her, her arms waving in the air like a crazy person. Her body felt different now, like it had new found energy and abilities it previously lacked. She felt stronger and more alert.

    The beach was empty, it no longer proved prudent to waste time lingering. She had a suspicion the dragon wasn't coming back. If she ever planned to get off the island, it would have to be explored and find these “others”. She approached the forest and lingered on its fringes for what seemed like an eternity. Courage finally swelled in her chest and a hesitant step finally let her cross the threshold. Wherever she was, it was a whole new world.