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Sooo, I should get the IC thread done by tomorrow night. I spent most of tonight working on my SU. :D Honestly, as the GM of the roleplay, I had fun working on this. And this is my first character that is very sensitive, but still becomes a badass.


Image Credit - Toru_Uchiha of Photobucket

Ariyanna Marie Soares

Nickname: Ariya
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Nationality: Mexican [attended NintendoFest in Los Angeles, California, USA]
Character: Pikachu


Being a Pikachu at Nintendofest seemed like an easy costume to wear, literally. Ariya only wore a few things to the convention: her Pikachu-themed jacket, her Pikachu ears, and a stand-up tail to wear on her bottom. She even decorated herself to cosplay as her favorite Pokemon character.

She dyed her hair yellow, not blonde...yellow, to match Pikachu's skin. Although she left her naturally colored brown hair at the bottom 3/4's of her head, just to show that she isn't just a yellow-head. She typically doesn't wear any make up, but she had to on this fateful day...wearing eye makeup such as mascara, liner, and yellow/red eyeshadow, almost orange if you interact with her close. She used red lipstick to color in circles on her cheeks, to depict Pikachu's cheeks, and used an eyeliner pencil to paint a black spot on her cover up her faint brown birthmark.

Underneath her Pikachu jacket was nothing other than a white plain t-shirt. She knew there wasn't a reason to take off her jacket, as she was planning to leave it on. Inside one of her pockets had toy called a “shocking” pen, where she uses to “shock” her friends, as if she actually had actual electrical attacks, just like her favorite rodent.

Ariya painted her nails yellow to match her cosplaying costume as well. Her Pikachu jacket length is down to the bottom, letting herself show off her shorts. Speaking of shorts, she wears them all the time. And she decided to wear her lucky shorts with a red ribbon belt. To finish it off, she wore military-style boots to the Fest, to show off her toughness.

Roleplay Sample

The world went dark for Ariya.

There was something...about that Mewtwo. All she ever wanted to do was to take a picture of him. Her mind went blank. She went from Los Angeles unknown place in just a matter of seconds. Stepping out of the crate, where Mewtwo had apparently packed her in, Ariya stood up and brushed her legs, removing excess dirt. A warm breeze blew threw her, blowing her yellow-brown hair to the back. Her Pikachu hood followed the wind as well.

Confused, dazed, Ariya gave a 360 degree look at the beach shores. She can even see some land from afar. But it seemed impossible to get through. No boats were docked anywhere for her to escape, no coast guard either. This was an Island, just an island. Ariya finally processed her emotions, realizing that she's lost.

“Hello?”she called out. “Hello???” She started to walk up to the edge of the forest, and started to take a step forward. As she did, there were various noises inside. One peep of one of those noises, she immediately stepped back. She feared of unusual noises. Those were noises of death, she would think. I am NOT going in there. She thought to herself. I'll...just go around the beach. I mean...hopefully it's nothing bad ahead...I hope..

“Ariyanna...” whispered a voice from inside the forest. Ariya shrieked a little, stepping away from the forest entrance a bit. As she took an extra step from the forest, she tripped on a vine, and fell onto a puddle water next to the river mouth that led to the ocean. Landing on her bottom onto the puddle, she screamed loudly and immediately stood up.

“Ahhh!” She tried to brush off the excess water off her bottom, and drying off her Pikachu jacket tail.

“Ariyanna...” the mysterious voice whispered loudly once again. It got closer towards Ariya. Her fear inside of her rose up, trying to step away from that voice.

She then decided to run back towards the spot where she came from, with fear. “No. Way. I am getting the hell out of here!” As she arrived where she originally came from. She gathered her crate and stood it open side up. She then pushed it right towards the ocean. As the crate touched the water, and Ariya had her eyes on the opening, she was immediately greeted by...a dragon.

“Ariyanna! Listen to me!” The voice had appeared...right in front of her. It was a white, golden-winged dragon. With a long body and webbed feet and legs. She did not look happy, rather serious. She threw the crate away from Ariyanna, far towards the deep sea.

Ariya screamed, stepping back from the dragon. “Get back, get back! I...I'm not af-f-fraid of you!!”

“No, please! I won't hurt you! Please calm down!” The dragon spoke, as she tried to calm down Ariya.

For a few seconds, Ariya calmed down...catching her breath after screaming. “Okay...I am calm.”

“Okay, good. Because I must tell you something IMPORTANT.” With her right webbed hand, she took Ariya's left hand. “I do not have much time, unfortunately...but I want you have my strength.”

“Your strength? What about your strength? What are you talking about?” Ariya was then confused. She wanted to let go of her hand, but a glow traveled from the dragon's body to her's in an instant.

“To start, I'm Camelia. My brother Insane has a secret plantation here at this Island and he's trying to destroy the universe and that includes the human race. I can't do this myself, which is why I am donating you my strength. As I disappear, you will have powers of a Pikachu, based on your costume.” The dragon, Camelia explained.

“Wait, what? That's horrible! But...why me?” Ariya asked again.

“ I can't explain much anymore. I am at risk of getting caught by my brother. If he sees me, you will be terminated, and I will be terminated too. Remember, Ariyanna...the fate of this universe is in your hands now.” Camelia lets go of her hand, and began to soar up towards the sunny sky. “Good luck on your journey, Ariyanna! I am counting on you!”

Camelia disappeared right up the sky. Ariya stood there numb...trying to take everything in. What...just...happened...

She said powers of a Pikachu...did she mean...its thunder? How is that possible?

She pointer her right index finger at herself, and started to poke one of her red cheeks. In each poke, electricity came out of her, traveling from her cheek to her finger in an instant. And it didn't hurt her at all! Her eyes widened at what she saw. She then glanced at her right arm, and threw it towards herself, instead of throwing nothing, she actually threw an actual thunder jolt from her...launching away and fading after a few feet.

“I do! I have Pikachu powers! I...I can't believe it!” She squealed. “ an actual is that possible? Can I..” She stretched her legs and created a 'start race' position. In a second, she went from the southern part of the island to the northern part of the island. And then she returned back south again. “I am going to like this! But...this saving the universe I ready for this?

Originally Posted by ShinyDiamond View Post
I require a little more time to make my SU, at least 'til Tuesday night. I have an ROP class tomorrow that I don't get out of until 5 o' clock. I'm still reading the first post to understand the whole plot. Please? :<
Alright. Extension granted. :) If you get confused by the plot or the SU instructions, don't hesitate to post here, VM or PM me.

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