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    Chapter Zero:
    Signing-Up: Tenshi Takamoto

    Part Zero

    Differences: Tenshi only knew of the Mother characters through his playing of Smash Bros. His 'cosplay' of the character Lucas was simply a huge coincidence. Black and white striped T-shirt and baggy shorts? Pfff! His favorite character was Marth, anyways! Moving on! Tenshi is very pale-skinned, seeing as his time is spent indoors, playing games. His hair is black and styled in a rather messy way. His hair occasionally sticks upward in a ridiculous cowlick, something he is very self-conscious about. His eyes are dark, and look plain black even up close. He has bags under his eyes no matter how much he sleeps. Some see him as a bit "creepy" and "perverted", but his intentions are usually to benefit others. He is cautious, like Lucas, but does not shy away from threats. In fact, strategy is his greatest asset. He is often quiet and deep in thought, predicting how to react to nearly any given situation. If you were to play chess with him, you would easily lose. By the time you make your opening move, he's predicted everything that's going to happen up to which corner you'll be crying in after you lose. he is very slim and stands over six feet tall, with very long legs and slender limbs. He is lightweight but his kicks can pack a very potent... Punch. He's often light on his feet and can bend and contort to very unusual angles.

    Roleplay Sample: "Tenshi! Tenshi! You must listen to me!" Tenshi turned rather abruptly to see, to his amazement, a dragon. "Hello, Tenshi."

    Tenshi watched the... Thing... With a look of confusion. Certainly this wasn't one of the predicted occurrences he'd expected; Dragons weren't supposed to be real! "Who... Are y--"

    "The name's Camelia but you may call me Cammy. You are in a dangerous place and I need your help to make this place peaceful again."

    "Why is--"

    "Listen, I don't have time to explain. I want you to have Lucas's powers for your protection. Give me your hand."

    "Why are y-- Woah!" The burst of energy was actually surprising; none of what was currently happening made any logical sense.

    "Good luck, Tenshi. The universe is depending on you." With that, 'Cammy' vanished into thin air.

    "Lucas... From Smash Brothers?" He questioned whether this was actually happening or not. Of course, he just got his powers from a magical dragon, so it wouldn't hurt to test it. Crazier things did happen. He pointed out his index and middle fingers and outstretched his hand. "P.K. ... Fire." Instantaneously an open flame burst from his fingers, landing a few feet away. He watched his fingers with shock. "Remarkable... It's really true... I suppose I should go l should go search for food and water... Maybe I'll find cake somewhere."

    With that, he continued along the beach, strapping his backpack to his back and picking up a nearby stick for a weapon. Unbeknownst to him (Though, as predicted, it's possible), he was not the only super-powered victim on this island.

    Other: He has an affinity for sweets, and is capable of eating his own weight in junk food without gaining a pound.

    Fixed Float!