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    Done! I guess c:

    Name: Christian Ignatio
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Nationality: Filipino

    Character: Ness
    Differences: Ness was an easy character for Christian to cosplay. He even sewed the costume himself. He made a red-and-yellow striped shirt just like the one Ness sports in the game, and bought dark violet cargo shorts to go with it. He found a cap that almost looked like Ness’ in a thrift shop, so he used that for his costume as well. He has a plastic baseball bat that he hung across his back and a yo-yo on one of his belt clips. The difference, though, was that he was way taller than Ness is supposed to be, standing at about 5’11”. He also couldn’t find shoes look like Ness’, so he settled with ordinary red sneakers. He has brown eyes instead of black, and dark brown hair. His skin is rather fair, but with the power of make-up, he became American white during NintendoFest.

    Roleplay Sample:
    Christian woke up with his head still spinning. Things had happened so fast. He was kidnapped by…another cosplayer? He wasn’t so sure. He just remembered being stuffed in a box before he completely bonked out. He sat up and touched his head, then he felt something else other than his hair. His cap. He was still wearing his costume. He took off his cap rubbed his head. He still couldn’t think right. His head must’ve got hit pretty good. He looked around and noticed that he was on a beach. The sea breeze greeted him warmly, but he sensed that he wasn’t supposed to be there. He looked back and saw a vast forest sprawling behind him. He was on an island. Where? He didn’t know. He wasn’t even sure if he was still on the Philippines. He clawed the sand that he was sitting on and grabbed a handful. He held it in his palm and looked at it.

    “Heh. Just like the ones in the province,” he muttered to himself.

    Then the gravity of things hit him. He’s been kidnapped, stuffed in a box and taken to an island. Mom and Dad must be worrying their heads off, he thought. He tried to stand up, but his head seemed to flash and he fell down again. Something serious must’ve happened to me when they hit me on the head. A concussion, perhaps? he decided. He took things slowly, bending his right leg and kneeling with his left. He pushed himself up until he was standing firmly with both feet. He smiled in success and started to walk, but everything spun around him. He stopped walking and closed his eyes. He was about to fall down out of dizziness, but he refused to.

    “What have they done to me…” he asked no one in particular.
    “I can help you,” a feminine voice answered.

    Christian made the mistake of suddenly looking up. He didn’t see who said those words because the world spun even faster for him. He couldn’t fight it anymore, so he fell back. He squelched back the urge to vomit. He really didn’t like that. He closed his eyes and counted to ten. When he opened them, he saw the feet of someone standing in front of him. Except, they weren’t normal human feet. They had claws, and they were extremely white. He slowly looked up and what he saw made him jump out of his clothes. It’s…it’s…a white lizard lady! he thought. Then some wide white leathery kite or something opened behind her. It flapped twice and blew air towards Christian’s direction. It was only then that he noticed that they were wings. The lizard lady’s wings. Then that means…

    “A…dragon?” he said, trying to look for the right word.
    The lizard lady nodded.

    “My name is Camelia, and I need your help,” she said with a tone of sadness in her voice.

    Christian was supposed to freak out when he saw this weird lizard…no, dragon-lady. But there was something about her that stopped her. It was as if she was radiating with pure goodness. The boy was sure that this “Camelia” person (err, reptile?) is someone he could trust. What am I saying? This is all a dream he told himself. I mean, this couldn’t be real, right? Dragon-ladies don’t just appear to you, saying that they need your help.

    “This is all real, Christian. You are not dreaming. Nor is this a product of your hallucinations. Which reminds me,”

    She brought out her hands and touched Christian’s head. In a snap, his head felt a lot better. The world spun no more, and he could feel nothing wrong with it anymore. In fact, he could feel something else. A sort of power. Camelia drew her hand back and nodded at him in approval. She bade him to stand up, and he did. This time, he didn’t have to take it slowly. He was able to stand up normally.

    “Uhh, thanks,” he managed. He was still distracted by the power he could feel in his mind.

    “Now, as I was saying, I need your help. My brother, Insane, is somewhere on this island. He’s plotting the universe’s downfall. I cannot stop him myself. You have to help me stop him. He has dark minions all over this place. You have to beat every one you encounter. I have given you the ability to do that. You now have your character’s powers. Please use them wisely. I trust you to save this island.”

    “Character’s powers?”

    The dragon-lady smiled at him and nodded.

    “Best wishes to you, Christian. We’ll meet again. Paalam

    Then she took off. With one mighty flap of her wings, the wind carried her up and about. She disappeared in a blur as she flew across the ocean. Hold on, did she just speak Tagalog?

    He stared at his hands for a long time. He could still feel the power in his mind. Camelia’s words played on repeat inside his head. Character’s powers, she had said. A thought came up in his brain. He grabbed the bat that hung across his back. He noticed that it was made of plastic no more. It was a real baseball bat, made of steel. He immediately checked his yo-yo and saw that it had changed the same way his bat had. It was made of steel now. He walked over to a big mossy rock on the beach. He closed his eyes and focused his mind on the bat that he was holding. He felt the power in his mind surge through his arms, like there was some kind of flexible armor coating itself around them. He swung his bat and the power assisted him. The bat hit the rock and it made a loud BOOM! Dust and sand flew everywhere. When it cleared, the rock was no more. It was just a pile of rubble.

    He grinned wildly. He took his yo-yo and started playing with it. He was never good with the yo-yo. He only bought one for cosplay purposes. But when he played with it now, it was as if he was a natural-born pro. He swung it around with ease and it always landed back on his palm. He tried focusing his mind on the yo-yo, like he did with the bat. When he threw it down, it spun with incredible speed, producing gales of wind that made the sand beneath it fly off, leaving a ditch. He grinned. This time, he tried Ness' psychic capabilities. He started off simple: he focused on one of the piece of rock that came from the one he had reduced to rubble a while ago. He willed it to levitate in the air and come to him. In turn, the rock wobbled into the air and obediently floated towards him. He dropped it. It was official. He had Ness' abilities.

    I'll add more, if need be :>

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