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    "What's it to you?" the blond girl said to him in a slightly annoyed manner. He backed up for a moment and looked down, thinking that this was going to get ugly and that he should run. He didn't want to fight any unnecessary fights since he had just gotten his leg healed no less than a day ago. He looked back up to the girl and she nonchalantly asked him "Hey, how do I look?" then almost aimlessly exhibited and flaunted herself. She was wearing broken down sneakers that had obvious mileage, and a green jacked that reminded him of the treasured purple scarf around his neck which he clutched for a moment to remind himself it was still there. Nothing seemed to stick out to him at first except for her figure and the red dress under her jacket. Bay felt flustered and timidly looked down as he never had spoken about a person, let alone female's looks before. It was just something that didn't seem to happen in this ravaged world. He took a deep breath to calm down, looked up and said to the girl "You look okay I guess." and looked back at the other girl.

    The other girl was now looking back to a man who seemed to be going through a famine. He was untidy and dirty. Bay felt sympathy for the man immediately and without thought he pulled out a bottle of water and a can of dried beans and held them both out towards the man for him to accept. This man reminded him of the long time that he aimlessly wandered around looking for somewhere to stay.


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