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Randy Browns - Week 1

Randy woke up and hear the voices of the Koopa Troopas coming after him." They're still after me?! I should be going then ! Randy still has 2 apples to eat. Randy saw something shiny. Randy thinking '' What could it be? Maybe a treasure?! It's green with a "?" sign on it!''

''Wow!!!!!!!!!!! A metal suit!! That's really useful. It can raise my attack and defense. I should wear it when I'm in danger...maybe I should use it against the Koopa Troopas...? Meh...I think I'll pass...'' So Randy ran,ran,ran...but he ended up losing himself in the middle of the forest! He doesn't know where to go...he noticed, not something, somebody! Maybe it is those guys Camelia said!

''I should go! It is...purple? OK, whatever...'' Randy ran to the purple creature and he saw one branch written "Center Forest" on it. ''So I'm in the Center Fores-...!!!!!!!! A KIRBY?! No fair, I'm a Kirby! OK, whatever, hey you, can help me exploring the fore- Wait I'm confused...this isn't a Kirby...this is...a purple Kirby?!. Is the darkness controlling him?" Randy thinking.

The purple Kirby is looking at Randy in a angry face. " W-What's he's thinking? Maybe I did something that bothers him?"And the purple Kirby suddenly, the Kirby controlled by the darkness, or just a "Purple Kirby" attacked Randy with furious rage! Randy dodged and tried to calm the purple Kirby... But it's no use, he won't listen to Randy. So he (Randy) hit him with his powerful hammer. The purple Kirby probably fainted...bit it isn't over!! Other 9 purple Kirbies appeared!

" Hmph, this is gonna be easy...Randy used multiplication and agility. Randy multiplied himself into 9 Kirbies, and since he used agility, he's moving very fast. And defeated one Kirby by one, until some Kirby took out his hammer and hit Randy with it. " Aaaargh..." Then ,the 3 Kirbies left took out their hammer and hit Randy. " Why I can't use multiplication anymore?! Wait, what about elastiticity?" So as their final hit, the Kirbies smashed Randy in the same time. Randy gets up. "!" said Randy surprised, the others Kirbies were surprised too! Elasticity is a move that Randy didn't know how to use it. " Heh...ouch..." So Randy, as the final move, use inflation, and hit them with regular punches until they faint. defeated all Kirbies...but Randy seems hurt.

" Ew, what a battle. 10 Kirbies? That's tough. I'm hurt. I hope nobody attacks me, if this happens, I guess I have to run. I had to use almost every move Kirby has. I should meet with someone soon, and team up with him. W-W-Wait! What if I use "convene star" To call Kirby's small ship?.......It didn't work...maybe because I'm hurt? Or because it doesn't work? Camelia should know. I think I must find her. Not sure if that will work, I think she suicided herself to give abilities to the other? Who knows? And I should thank her if I find her And rest. I'll rest here for a while and explore later."

P.S.: Randy is like: 200% hurt. (Super Smash Bros. HP )