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    Drew Diamond (Toon Link)
    Augustine Island: Forest
    Week 1- Weather Sunny
    Drew began to tread his way from the shoreline to the outer-forest, wondering what creatures were indigenous to the island. He jumped over a fairly large sized log and he landed earlier than he expected, stumbling forward, almost running dead-on into a tree. He knew then and there that he was going uphill. He knew for a fact that he wouldn't be given any charity when it came to survival but he had been almost entirely trained to survive in the wilderness. He was hungry and thirsty but hopefully he'd be able to find area where he could set up a camp.

    He paused and looked for an area clear enough to set up a camp, examined a nearby tree to see if it was dry and then , inhaled then exhaled, and slowly unsheathed his sword and pointed at a nearby tree. He dashed at it almost without notice and, with almost finesse, he cut the tree trunk and all the remained was a stump. He carried his firewood and piled it in the clearing. He sat down for a moment, legs crossed, and if anyone were observing they'd wonder what Drew was doing but he was listening to see if water was nearby. Sure enough there was a small stream not to far away. Drew shuffled through his pockets until he found an empty bottle and soon enough he had a fair amount of purified water and a fire going with a plentiful amount of firewood.

    Drew suddenly panicked and put out the fire. What if someone Cammy was talking about was to come here? He questioned himself and then he decided not to worry as he only had the fire going for a few minutes. As if it was a response to his thought, Drew heard rustling nearby that seemed to come from a bush.