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    Originally Posted by Rain Dancer View Post
    Overweight, cancers, diabetes, tumors, heart disease, premature aging and death, malnutrition, ect.

    Caused in part by poisons as HFCS (High fructose corn syrup), sugar, aspartame (neurological damage), preservatives, pesticides, GMO's or plants producing their own pesticides, soups of antibiotics, pus, growth hormones in cattle, aluminum and barium in the skies by the lovely chemtrails, that sneak into everything including our food and water sources, fast food junk, acrylamide (cancerigenous substance found mainly in potato chips), sucralose and neotame, cousins of aspartame, fluoride in the water (A common and popular poison.) Well, the list is neverending..

    Not to mention organically grown and health supplements, as well as most of the variety in health food stores devours your wallet in an instance.. it's hard to avoid all the crap everywhere.
    Depending on where you live, fluoride in the water is not dangerous, the levels are monitered to be safe, and its actually beneficial. Otherwise they wouldn't add it.

    There is a lot of media hype and scare tactics in regards to food and water... However I do believe humans as a race have lost the skills of cooking and farming, besides those that do it for a living. Just imagine if you had your very own vegetable garden, and your neighbour had a small chicken farm, the neighbour next to him had a dozen cows, as did the neighbour 5 doors down... Others in your area, or even in the next area had other things that you needed. Food items should not have added preservatives or be processed, considering we have better preserving method than they did hundreds of years ago... I am inclined to blame the ever increasing population, and as a result the lack of room.
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