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Originally Posted by Cassino View Post
Yes; I presume the main reason they keep films is only for copyright purposes, but feel free to correct me.
With a talented cinematographer, film will likely look much better than digital.

In any event, I'm pretty sure film still features a greater colour range and better low light capabilities than digital. Most important is that film is of a higher resolution. A much higher resolution.

Using Star Wars as an example, George Lucas shot Episodes II and III in digital HD. The other four movies were shot on 35mm film. The end result of traditionally projected 35mm would essentially be like 1080p. But, going forward as we adopt newer and greater screen resolutions? 35mm film can be digitally transferred to a nearly 4000-line resolution image! That is, if you had to somehow talk about raw 35mm in pixels, about where it would be. But something shot in 1080p is stuck in 1080p forever. So, in the next round of movie playing home devices - "Super HD" maybe? - Episodes II and III will look worse than their film counterparts because they are stuck in 1080p (but will probably be upscaled somehow) while the other four movies would be transferred to (if we're talking about the potential for ultra-high definition televisions, for example) 4320p (upscaled from 4000p).

And then if we're talking 70mm IMAX film, well that's just massive. As an example, you're missing a lot of the picture in the IMAX The Dark Knight scenes on the Blu-ray print.

Digital is... convenient. Not yet better.

For the record, me discussing how film would translate into raw pixel resolutions isn't entirely accurate as that never happens. There's a lot of middle-processes that prevent a 1:1 transfer of that resolution. 35mm generally sits at around 2000-lines in vertical resolution, still greater than 1080p though. It'd actually be better if you look at megapixel equivalents for an accurate number. The general idea is the same though


Anyway, I want to see this in 3D because it was shot in 3D. I'm not sure I want to see in HFR because it apparently makes interior sets look more fake. But at the same time it makes 3D look better (no longer dim). So... I don't know what to do XD
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