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Originally Posted by Ryoutarou View Post
I'm not so sure about that, a desperate person will go through whatever means necessary. Heavier gun control or not, there's also going to be illegal gun activity. If someone was will to kill so many small children, something like procuring a gun legally isn't very likely to stop them.
Oh, there will be some incidents in a country so large certainly, but the lack of gun control is just asking for it. I don't have any actual figures to hand so don't hold me to this and feel free to prove me wrong, but the frequency of crimes related to fire arms is much higher in countries without proper gun control from what I've seen... unsurprisingly. We can't stop incidents like this but we can definitely make them less likely to happen.

I just don't see why anyone should be legally given the ability to do something like this. It's absolutely senseless.
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