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Hailey, Arcea, Tim, Aiden & Anonymous Gabite Wielder #1 - Eterna City Outskirts

This was a waste of time, and a waste of Hailey's resources. Arcea did her part in helping her power up, so it wasn't a bother to leave her cuddling a kid whose name they didn't even know (at least until she took care of the city). Wrinkling her nose a bit in repulsion at the silent imagery of she herself doing such a thing she turned her gaze towards the horizon. "So, are you ready?" she asked no one in particular. She was still acting quite serious, pretending not to notice the forced cuddling going on. Her eyes would occasionally flick over in Arcea's direction however. She... couldn't help it! What the heck was going on over there? GET A ROOM

After another few moments of trying to separate Cuddle Bear Aiden from Arcea and vice versa, Tim and the Gabite wielder gave up. Aiden did, too, after his own attempts failed. He thought of using Double Team to confuse her, but she was still... y'know, "stuck" on the real one. He contemplated attacking her, but she was too close; all of his moves would've blown up on him. Oh yeah, and there's the fact that he was paralyzed; the chance of actually pulling off the move went to crap. Pleading was clearly out of the question, too.

Arcea... still didn't care. She was perfectly content with Aiden in her arms, even to the point that she seemed to be smiling! What in the world else could she ask for? Food, shelter? Hah. She'd make do. Er--or at least that's what was going through her head. She was kind of thinking with her heart instead of her brain. It took her quite a few moments to muster up the courage to ask, but with the power of attract possessing her it came up relatively quickly.

"U-Um... do you like me?" Arcea asked in an uncharacteristically shy manner, such that Hailey's brow furrowed and she became distracted. Seriously, Arcea?! Seriously?! Hailey just sort of opened her mouth to speak but was left speechless. Did... did she kill Arcea? Solve her problems with violence? The other female was kind of weirding her out. Why did she like this /boy/ so much? The voices inside her head told her boys were something to be avoided--Y'know, her Pokéspirit. Images of abuse flashed through her head. She was actually seeing the memories of girls not unlike herself that had paid dearly at the hands of men that had shown too much interest in them, memories coming from her Pokéspirit. It ripped at her already mangled heart strings and made her angry. Arcea... were... were you no better than those men? Her body was wracked with a shudder and her expression turned into a pained grimace. No... She was not going to jeopardize her mission by succumbing to emotions. Besides, there was a much /bigger/ target waiting for her.

Hailey turned around and laid her gaze on Eterna City, summoning all of her psychic power. Even alone, this was great power. A psychic blast could've brought anything short of a dark type to their knees--She had something even greater in mind though. Stored power was a move that took advantage of one's active power in a way no other move could, an attack so terrifying when utilized properly it had no purpose being wielded by a ten year old. Yet, here she was.

And then she dropped it, a single gravity bomb made out of concentrated psychic energy on Eterna City. An odd sound, the sound of air moving at extremely high speeds, graced everyone's ears. Even Arcea would become somewhat distracted by the loud sound of rushing wind in the distance. It sounded like a muffled roar, and then the buildings began to collapse. An entire part of the town just started to... fall apart right in front of their eyes, collapsing in on itself and falling to pieces in a matter of seconds. The roar grew infinitely louder as the sound of a chunk of Eterna City collapsing filled the air. One could only imagine what it must've seemed like for those still present. Without waiting, Hailey did it again, and /again/. She didn't seem to require a pause between attacks relentlessly pounding the city with gravity bombs. It only took a minute or two before literally nothing was left; a pile of rubble and destruction where one of the last remaining living cities in the region had once been.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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