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    I'm at a loss for words.
    What can you say? What could anyone say to fully convey their sorrow,and pity for the families,for the school,for the friends and the children themselves,for the man who was so far gone to be capable of doing this?
    There is nothing.
    There's not a single word in any human language that could ever mean so much.

    I find it disturbing that so many have blamed this on the lack of gun control laws.
    "When cryptography is outlawed- bayl bhgynjf jvyy unir cevinpl." (Only outlaws will have privacy)

    We live in a broken world, and sadly, this kind of thing happens, and will until we learn how to fix it.
    But you see, the answer is in heart. We have to remember what hearts are for - and that we all have one, before we could ever stop this from happening again.

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