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Manga 692
Hmm, looks like Caribou's cover story is over...maybe.
It could have just been put on hold to promote the new movie.

Yay, a new color spread!
Oda always makes neat color spreads.

I thought Luffy's attack was just going to be called "Double Elephant Gun".
But after looking closer I see that it is a bit different.
Grizzly Magnum seems to be a variation of Gum-Gum Bazooka.

I love how all the shadow spectators saw Luffy blast Caesar through the wall. XD
Pekoms and Tamago were watching, and so was Killer.
One of the shadow spectators in this chapter looked kind of like Rob Lucci.
I wonder what the Lucci look-a-like and horned man in the bottom right meant by their comments.
I forget, have there been any other shadow spectators that we know of, or might look familiar?

Kinemon...that fool. :/
I'm sure Chopper will find some way of restoring him.

Law's right, he shouldn't have given Luffy all that responsibility alone. XD

I never thought Oda would make a Devil Fruit like Baby 5's Buki Buki no Mi.
It just doesn't seem to fit in as well with the One Piece themes.
I thought most weapons were supposed to be based in the Georgian Era (1700's & early 1800's).
But that was thrown awry when Oda introduced cyborgs and laser beams.
It'll be interesting to see what kind of weapons Oda creates for Baby 5.
Although, it does seem like he's trying to blend modern weaponry with the flintlock theme on some of Baby 5's weapons...

Buffalo, is just weird...what is he even spinning? o.0

And it ends with a tease to a fight between Franky and Baby 5 & Buffalo. :D