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Originally Posted by Sassy Milkshake View Post
I'd think Hikari's use of the phrase "elemental triangle" does a lot to explain it too. Water, fire and grass(earth sort of) are main elements, the other being air. /lastairbenderlol

These are essentially what the real world boils down to, thus it seems appropriate that they'd be represented by the starters instead of something obscure such as psychic/dark/fighting.
The triangle you have is the basic elemental triangle from any RPG really. Earth/Air are usually interchangable or Air can be added into with both Fire and Water in some cases. Earth does the same thing. A lot of the times its the three base colors, Red, Blue and Green which are found in many video games as well. Squares are common as triangles when the four are present, but two of the four are always interchanged.

Most common is Fire/Water/Wind(Air). That's really the reason its used so often. In the RPG world its just the basic of the basics.
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