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Zane headed to the direction of his encampment. Because of so many buildings and homes still destroyed, and because of the new influx of Alpha Alliance citizens pouring back into the city at the news of victory in Albia, many soldiers, including the Gold Tribe, still made their beds in the tents and cots lined up for them across the streets, and in some cases outside the city walls. Zane's thoughts still dwelled on the recent news of the death of Kivir as he passed through town. As in most cases, many Pokemon turned to him as he passed down. Some were in amazement, others merely held grins on their faces. Others just looked dumbstruck. It was interesting to see that despite all of the devastation and war that had occurred, the citizens of Valkaria still view the Gold Tribe in such a mystical way. Zane understood it, though. Years ago, when he was a child, he was just like them to the Gold Tribe.

Zane made his way to his tent. He had familiarly set it up like it was in Liberty Town. Perhaps for the nostalgia, or maybe because he was used to it, Zane wasn't sure. Grabbing a few supplies he would need on the road, he placed them in his bag, and slung it over his shoulder. He made sure to have enough for the week. Doubtless they would be on the road that long anyways, but it never hurt to be sure. As he stepped out of his tent, he saw Guardia doing the same from hers.

"Guardia." Zane acknowledged her with a nod. She didn't respond right away, her eyes glued to the Gold Tribe emblem in her hands. Zane walked up to her and patted her shoulder. "Hey. Are you alright?" He asked. Her eyes still glued to the Gold Tribe emblem, she responded.

"It's just...all's a lot to take in. I mean, we're way in over our heads here. I mean...Dark God? The Ancients? Don't get me wrong, I'll keep on fighting, you know me, you know I will. But it''s a tough tale to swallow."

"I understand. I can't really believe all this is happening either." Zane responded. His eyes darting above to the sky.

"It actually makes some sense, I guess. Before the invasion, he was acting so distant to me…ha…I actually thought he was mad at me for the way I was acting. For yelling at him and telling him that I should be the next leader when he told me he was planning on making Auron the next. I had no idea he was like that because he had all this on his mind. I..I look back at the things I said and I regret…if he was here now there would be so much I can tell him…about how I improved, how I’m a better person….”

Guardia turned around. Before she did, Zane could see a trickle of a tear across her face, which was surprising to Zane. He had hardly ever seen her cry in his life. Not when she was in pain, not when they had lost cities to the Ancients. Zane wanted to say something that could make her feel better, but what could he say? He never was the best with words. He tried sure, but this was different. He felt saying the wrong thing would be detrimental. So instead, he placed an arm around her shoulder, and let her cry.


It was time, and Zane was all set. He arrived with Guardia at the rendezvous point with the Gold Tribe just around the time they had agreed. Zane felt similar feelings he had whenever moments like these came, but this was a bit different. He almost felt…enlightened. For the first time in a while, their ultimate intentions were not so clouded in mystery. They had the exact path to victory. And with the accomplishment of this big step, they would be that much closer.

The others began arriving after Zane. Gallant was first to arrive. Wildfire and Dryad came, followed by Sword and Shield soon after, and then Speculum. Hoodhide arrived a bit afterward. The Swift, Bloodthirster, Defender and TrueStriker were not in sight yet, but he assumed they would be arriving soon. Zane was however interested to see the old Alakazam approach them. He knew that the old Pokemon planned to go with them back to Albia. He didn’t know what he planned to do after that. Looks like his question was answered.

“You…you’re coming with us?”

“But of course.” The old Alakazam replied, as he approached the group.
“Are you fit to travel? The road may be dangerous. We’ll be going into a war zone.” Zane said, concern in his eyes. The Alakazam was quick to reply.

“Young one, I’ve been whipping the ends of ruffian Pokemon since long before you were born. I think I can handle myself. Besides, it is as I said. You may very well need my counsel.” Though his words were strong, Zane wasn’t entirely convinced, as the old Alakazam took out an old wooden cane upon it was obvious he placed a lot of his weight on. Zane shrugged, and backed off, accepting the invitation.

Zane crossed his arms as he waited for the remainder of the Gold Tribe to go. Suddenly, a strange occurrence passed through his head. He chilling feeling as something that occurs when a new link establishes between himself and a psychic Pokemon. Both Defender and TrueStriker had a similar feeling when they established the link with him before.

Just give me some answers, please. That's all I need. The voice said to him. It was a female voice, but not one familiar to the Bisharp. He looked around, trying to find the source, and locating a Ninetails standing close by looking at him, with eyes wide. He wondered if it could have been her.

“Hello…?” Zane said to the Ninetails, wondering if he wasn’t just talking to a random Pokemon now, but a glint of gold caught his eye, as it often did when he would speak to one of his: Gold Tribe.


Thieves Forest

Victory. It was good to experience it again. Scar was so used to victory in his campaign with the Silver Tribe, he had almost forgotten how lovely it felt. This was mostly due to the fact that their last few major battles ended in defeat. In fact, it was a string of defeats now. A large portion of their conquered territories were being fought back. They had lost half of the land they had conquered, and yet Scar knows for a fact they haven’t lost much of their strength. Which is exactly why the victories are puzzling to him.

He does not doubt Auron’s ambition or tactics. He never has nor ever will he. But his questionable allocation of forces is puzzling. Every city is protected by a large abundance of Ancients, but the number that the Alpha Alliance fought so far is eclipsed, absurdly he might add, by the amount that is actually present in Silver City and the surrounding towns. If Auron wanted, he could swipe through the land with that army, and take back all these conquered cities in a single second invasion. And yet, he doesn’t. Instead, he doesn’t. He merely distributes enough Ancients to the cities so that a major fight would still ensue, but with which the outcome is in doubt. Why if Scar didn’t know any better, it almost would appear as if Auron was leading them right to…

“My lord Scar?” An Ancient asked again to his commanding Sentinel. Scar snapped out of his thought process and returned his attention back to the Kabutops. “I was just giving you the reports on the battle. The entire village is under our command. Any thief that hasn’t been killed has been captured, and those not yet captured are soon to be apprehended. Scar nodded.

“Good.” He said, dismounting off of his seated position on a rock in the Thieves Forest. As he did this, he heard the voice of the Sentinel the Siren in his head.

“This is Genevieve. I have it under good authority that the Gold Tribe is mobilizing for Cape City today. It looks like their window might be three hours. I’ll be at the thieves forest momentarily.”

Scar’s eyes lit up. He looked around for the other Sentinels, seeing the Inferno in the distance, also apparently hearing this message to confirm it. He approached Scar.

“Interesing.” He began to the Inferno. “But…what I’m more interested in is that Genevieve said the Gold Tribe, not the Alpha Alliance. Now isn’t that interesting?”

The Inferno shrugged, not adding much else onto that, which slightly upset Scar. He never was able to get any mentally stimulated conversations out of a lot of the other Sentinels. Sure, there was the occasional one out of Genevieve, or Sentry, when he was around, but not much else beyond then. But the message raised another question Scar had in the back of his mind regarding Auron. If the information was true, what orders would Auron have them perform? Would he call for the eradication of the Gold Tribe? Or does he have other, more horrible plans for them?

“Well, I guess we’ll see when she gets here.” Scar said aloud.

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