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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
This is the one that was used. The reports and information I saw from multiple news stations suggested that the Bushmaster involved was designed for a higher rate of fire and in this case, used a different type of ammunition designed for maximum damage. You can hash out the irrelevant details if you want. That type of weapon has no business being legal.
We don't know what kind of ammo the gun used, however it wasn't special. It either used the stock .223 ammo or its bigger brother, the 5.56. It's a .223 gun, but some .223 barrels are built to handly both types.

Anyway, the only modification was the high capacity clips, but thats a clip design not a change to the gun itself.

But yeah, I agree that it's a weapon that civilians have no use for.

Anyway, some people think we have hard gun control laws. Compared to other first world, and even a couple of second world, countries, we actually have the weakest gun control laws. Ironiclly, compared to the same countries, we also have the highest amount of gun crime.
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