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Kion Fenela

Real Age: 18

Real Gender: Male

Personality: The world is his playground, and the virtual world, his reality; this is not a mental complex, it's Kion's philosophy. The world, as Kion sees it, is dull and boring; it was created for the purpose of living, but that's it. Even the concrete jungle that we've created seems to only exist for the purpose of capitalism and prolonging such dull lives. Everything in life that we have and do is just to make life a little less boring. That's how he sees life, therefore, it's not surprising that he was a quiet and uninspired person in life. He saw life as a chore that he had no interest in ending; every day was a Sisyphean task, the same thing over and over again. He had friends, but their only use to him was to waste time. He mostly spent his time reading books, playing video games, and watching movies and anime. His family often worried about him, as most of the time he seemed almost lifeless, as if he were simply waiting to die. It was really for their sake that he was able to thrive as he did in school, as his parents and his younger brother were all that he truly cared about in life, even if they were merely transient beings, much like himself. He didn't want to hurt them, so he studied, and he worked hard; he did things that meant nothing to him to appease his family.

History: Kion was born into a loving American family of five. He had a mother named Trisha, a father named Paul, a little brother named Dennis, and an older brother named Marco. Kion always looked up to Marco as a child. He seemed to be good at everything he did, and he always seemed to have fun doing whatever he did. It was because of Marco that Kion strove to be a successful person. He tried to be smart, just like Marco; he tried to be fast, just like Marco; he tried have a lot of friends, just like Marco. Everything he did became motivated from the actions of his brother, and while he couldn't meet the caliber of his older brother with the age difference between them, he did become an overall better person because of his strife.

Eventually, Marco went to college, and he made Kion promise that, even in his absence, Kion would continue to develop as he had been. Of course, Kion accepted, and he did just that. In fact, as he entered high school, he became the spitting image of his older brother, and his parents were quite proud of him. He was going to move on to big things, no doubt. His brother always told him that he could be whatever he wanted to be, something that held little weight to him when spoken by anyone other than his shining idol that was Marco. He took the words to heart, and decided that he wanted to work at NASA. Thus, he studied, and he studied hard.

One day, after having pulled an all-nighter studying for his Freshman midterms, Kion went downstairs to get a drink. As he passed by his living room, he heard faint crying by his fireplace. He went to investigate to find his mother on the couch with her sobbing face hidden in her hands and his father holding her close. He asked them what was wrong, and his father told him to sit down in a nearby chair. He started to tell Kion the situation, but as he did his mouth became dry and his eyes started to water; he just couldn't bring himself to say it. Instead, he pointed to the phone, and Kion walked over to it; there appeared to be one message on the receiver. He looked at his dad, and his dad nodded in response. He put the phone to his ear and listened to the message. It was from Marco's college guidance counselor.

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fenela," she started in a choked voice. "We regret to inform you that..." There was a pause in the message. "That Marco Fenela has passed away...His roommate found him hanging in his room last night..." She paused again, clearly trying to hold back audible crying. "It seems that Marco's death was the cause of stress and depression."

That was all that Kion heard. He dropped the phone in shock and seemed to be almost catatonic, as if he were completely hollow inside. Since then, all of his emotions seemed to be repressed. All of the clubs he engaged in, all of the physical activities that he took part in, and most of the friends he had were a thing of the past; he didn't care about them anymore. He lost all hope because, not only was the most influential person in his life was dead, but everything that that person taught him was a complete and utter lie.

Kion lost enjoyment in most of the things that he did prior to his brother's death. He took to video games, books, and TV for alternate realities, ones where he wouldn't have to deal with all of the crap that life had to offer. He understood the reasons for his brother's death; it was because he was naive enough to think that he could take to the future without fear, that things would always be easy and "fun" for him if he were to try hard. That's when life cut him with the cold sword that is reality. He considered it naive, but the last thing he would call it was foolish; his brother's outlook on life was effective and completely logical...but he just couldn't follow through. Kion stopped caring about what the future had for him and cast away any fear of death; philosophy and surrealism were his new best friends.

Years passed and Kion purchased the highly-anticipated Virtual Reality RPG, Monster Art Online. It intrigued Kion that such a game could exist, one that would completely disregard reality as he knew it in favor of a much different one. It excited him. He was quick to buy a copy of the game, and promptly logged in to try the new sensation.

MAO Persona - Fel

Avatar Age: 21

Avatar Gender: Male

Avatar Appearance: Standing tall at around 6'2, Fel has black hair that spikes at the bottom. His skin is a light brown color, similar to that of one who lives in sunny region. He wears an open zip-up sweatshirt, and under that he wears a black T-shirt. He's wide-eyed and has a slender face. On his lower half, he wears jeans and black sneakers with white stripes. Save for the hair and the skintone, Fel looks a lot like his real life counterpart. Granted, he doesn't have the imperfections that Kion often has, such as blemishes and some freckles he'd prefer not to have, and his build, being as slender yet still somewhat muscular as it was, was more surreal than Kion could even dream to be. In fact, most of his features, as similar as they may be, are more fantastic than those of Kion, and he had no gripe with that. It wasn't so much that he was trying to create himself as he was trying to create a character based off of him, making him taller, sharper-eyed, and more muscular than Kion.

His arms are long, as is his frame, the latter attributing to his height. His jeans are a dark blue color, one that could easily be confused for black, and they have white pokeball prints going down both sides of each leg. His T-shirt has a subtle gray print of a large lightning bolt on it, attributing to his love for electric type pokemon. He sometimes wears a black baseball cap with a red bill with a monochrome emblem on the front of DJ Mary's head.

MAO Personality: Kion finds solace in anything fantasy, they provide for him a "reality" for him that can't exist in what is the true reality. A reality for him that can be anything it wants to be, often building off of a fragment of reality and creating something completely new and interesting; thus, he immerses himself in these experiences. One could say that the Fel is closer to the real Kion than the physical Kion is. Needless to say, when Kion was trapped in MAO, he was ecstatic.

Fel, in contrast to his living counterpart, is far more lively. He's the ambitious type, but defeating the gym leaders and becoming Pokemon League champion is the last thing on his mind. He instead prefers to engage in all that the game has to offer. For the most part, he's a kind individual, and he's not quick to attack other players. Still, this isn't to say that he won't use other people for various purposes, and he often does if it comes down to it. Though he's a fan of soloing, he won't hesitate to socialize or party with others; he's quite sociable. He's the type to make impromptu sarcastic jokes or references to other media that people may or may not understand, even if it is only for his enjoyment. He also avoids insulting people with name calling or threats in favor of backhanded or facetious comments. Still, he's a tolerant person, and it takes a lot for someone to really piss him off.

He definitely wouldn't call himself a "goody two-shoes", as he is the type to throw out societal morals for the sake of personal ones. For instance, he'll help out those who are in trouble for little reason other than the fact that it gives him something to do (that's what he tells himself, anyway), but if there was an "evil" organization or something akin to them, Fel would hear out what their cause is before completely dismissing them, even if he would be considered "evil" by association. Having said that, he's not the type to condone senseless or unnecessary PKing or PKing for fun when the fear people feel is real. Kion was never the type to fear death in real life, the notion of it just seemed like "the end to a dull existence and the beginning of some new mysterious adventure", even if that "adventure" was nothingness. As Fel, he does not exactly fear death so much as he wants to stay away from it at all costs. The surreal world that he existed in is something completely new and very fun and exciting, like an entirely new life. However, he knows that not everyone feels the same way that he does. He, in this sense, isn't normal. "Normal" people fear death, and "normal" people use that fear of death as a drive to live each day and to strive to become better, because "normal" people fear death, and they don't want to die as a nobody or alone.

His style of fighting with pokemon is often never direct. He never really engages his pokemon with an enemy head-on unless he's 100% sure that he can defeat them, so he often relies on tactics that utilize speed rather than those that rely on strength or brute force. For this reason, he prefers using fast pokemon and usually trains the pokemon that aren't fast in speed stats, as its much safer than strength and much quicker than defense. That is, if he catches pokemon. He prefers smaller parties of about 1 to 3, rather than full parties of six, it feels more personal to him when he does so. He considers himself foolish, as he has the tendency to put his pokemons' health before his own, despite the fact that they're nothing more than AI and data. Part of him feels that it is because he is simply trying to immerse himself in the experience even more, but he also feels that it may be because it isn't their fault for getting involved with him, and they have no reason to die for the sake of his selfish ventures.

Starter Pokémon - Hama ♂

Nature - Timid

  • Quick Attack
  • Charge
  • Shock Wave
Roleplay Sample: From Sword Art Online: Infinity Edition
Daniel Williamson / Level 14
Floor 8 - Dovren

Daniel and Jet departed for the dungeon and made it there in rather quick time. The path to the boss was free from monsters, probably because they were mowed down by the onslaught of players. Daniel was a little disappointed at this, but there was nothing to be done about it. When they reached the door, Daniel felt a little under-leveled. He looked at the others around him and they seemed to be a lot more prepared than he was. It was his own fault, he'd spent so much time trying to save up for the house that the only levels that he got were from quests. However, where as everyone else had power, Daniel had speed and potions, and he was already rather confident. He was always a fan of Action RPGs such as Monster Hunter, where one could rely on dodging and even with a weaker weapon or weak armor could take on strong monsters, and he was fairly certain that the tactic would work here...but then again, Salathar was pretty darn large.

He walked into the room, in awe of the battle before him. It was beautiful; those on the front lines were constantly averting her attention away from one group and to another so as to minimize casualties and maximize damage, and it seemed to be working pretty well. Jet ran off with Dexter and someone else, so Daniel was alone for the time being.

"Hey, you got a team?" Said a rather light feminine voice behind him. He turned to the person who was talking to him. It was a girl of around 17 years of age, from what he could tell. She had long black hair and, from the looks of it, was American. She was about 5'7"-5'8"; her skin was a tan color and her eyes were dark blue and somewhat round. She was probably a higher level than him from the looks of her equipment. If he had to guess, she was probably around level 18, if not higher. She wore heavy armor, but some of her accessories and her weapon (which was a long sword) seemed to hint towards an emphasis on speed. "You look fast, maybe together we could strike as fast as lightning. Y'know, we'd be like Izanagi and Izanami!" Daniel was taken aback by her random knowledge of Japanese mythology...then again, he really had no reason to know that either. He smiled at the girl, who shot a smile right back at him. It was a strangely somber meeting, given that they were in the middle of a huge battle.

"Here, take this. I'd reckon that it's better than the weapon you have now." She opened her menu and took out a European inspired light sword. It was a lustrous silver color that was moderate in width and was for the most part thin with an ornamented guard. "I got it recently, but I prefer the weapon I have now. That sword is light and increases defense, so it should be perfect for you."

"You obtained "Benkei's Right Arm!"

"Thanks," Daniel said, equipping the sword. "We really should hurry into the battle, now, though." He said with a stern expression. The girl nodded, agreeing with him and readying her weapon. He invited her to his party and she promptly accepted. "Name's Daniel, pleasure to meet you," Daniel said with a smirk, readying his weapon.

"I'm Kagome, the pleasure's all mine." She said, flashing a smirk back at him. The two then turned their attention to the rampaging colossus and rushed towards it. They were about equal in speed, each one keeping up with the pace of the other. The two of them ran side by side, and sped up the moment the monster turned away from their direction. They jumped on her tail and ran up her back, slashing at the snake hair that threatened the players, and jumping back to the floor below them. They weren't able to look at if they had cut off the snakes as it was common knowledge that looking at any of a Gorgon's could mean turning into a statue, something they could obviously not afford. Instead, once they returned to the ground, they looked to see if any "strands" fell with them. Unfortunately, none did. They tried again two more times, the second time Kagome and Daniel used the arts Celestial Slash and Cross Strike (respectively). They managed to cut off two strands of hair that time, but that was all it took for the gorgon to be genuinely pissed off. It turned to them and, rather than attacking, stared at them. They were quick enough to look away, but it whipped its tail at them and they just barely dodged.

The two retreated and the gorgon averted its attention back to the Front Line attackers. Kagome looked around for a moment, and said, "This isn't a normal gorgon, it's a Lamia." This confused Daniel; from his experience, Lamia didn't have hair formed from snakes. She pointed to an area not too far off where people were making a commotion. They seemed less interested in Salathar as they were in...whatever they were doing. Daniel moved over to get a better view of the situation. Someone seemed to be lying on the ground with a sword in their chest. They seemed to have just died, as they were disintegrating into a mass of transient bits of data. He wasn't exactly sure why this was significant to Kagome; after all, they were in a closed room in the midst of a battle, it would have been the perfect chance for someone to pick off someone that they wanted to kill, for whatever reason...but then again, there was something very strange about the situation. No one seemed to be walking away from the situation, and no one seemed to missing their sword fact, the sword disappeared with man. In other words, it must have been suicide. Kagome noticed Daniel's look of realization and said, "You get it now? If we get caught in the Salathar's gaze...well, we'll become just like Izanagi and Izanami." This time she wasn't nearly as chipper in saying this, implying that she was talking about the rather grim and tragic part of the duo's story.

"Then we'll just need to make a change of tactics." He explained the new plan to Kagome, one that would aid them in shaving the gorgon's head and decapitating it. At the very least, removing as many eyes from her as possible was their priority, but it would also be the perfect chance to take down the beast. She nodded, and then the two readied their weapons yet again. They moved so that they were behind Salathar and then rushed at her.

When they were about halfway to her, Daniel drank his Mediocre Potion of Speed and then Kagome moved in front of him. Without missing a beat, Daniel sheathed his weapon and pulled out a giant sword called the "Tara Del Diablo", a sword that he created from the Golem's Ore that he obtained a while back. It was heavier than his regular sword, but he saved the Mediocre Potion of Speed for just such an occasion. Once they were close enough, Kagome quickly turned around and made a foothold for Daniel with her hands. Daniel stepped up and was launched into the air, using a Tornado Strike attack and cutting off some of the snakes. Right after launching Daniel into the air, Kagome darted up the back of the beast and yelled, "Switch!" Using another Celestial Slash to take down some of the snakes. She caught Daniel by the hand as he was falling and he yelled, "Switch!", using a Strong Thrust attack to force himself and Kagome back into the air and shaving off more snakes. Kagome again yelled "Switch!", performing a Downward Strike on the beasts head. After this onslaught of attacks, the two took to both sides of the beasts head, using her hair as one would use a vine in a jungle, and they both preformed a Celestial Slash on her both sides of her neck.
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