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Lucy - Mt Coronet Village
Lucy followed Amethyst and this man leading them along at a brisk pace, taking note that the boy from earlier was still with them. What did he want? Why was this bystander trusting him?

...And how could someone have known this world was going to happen?

Lucy un-tucked her dress, letting it hang loosely over her pants. There! She was clearly all dolled up now. Now what was going on? Oh right... time travel. She remembered that, sort of. So Amethyst wasn't supposed to be here? A feeling of defensiveness welled up inside Lucy. Rather than focus on the fact that these men apparently knew the world was going to end and didn't do anything about it, she was more concerned about the possibility of Amethyst being taken away from her, sent to a past where she didn't even exist...

Without Lucy.

This thought actually bothered her because she didn't know how to react. On one hand she wanted to be greedy and start telling this man that it was too late to fix his mistake on threat of eating his...well, him. On the other hand she had to ask herself: Would Amethyst be happier in the past? Would she hate Lucy for taking that privilege from her?

Lucy remained silent, with a very serious look on her face directed at Blaine. It was a tense look; her entire body had tensed up. It was the only sign of the struggle going on in her head.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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