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Originally Posted by Sassy Milkshake View Post
I only recently learned about the move Shell Smash and thought, dang, I could've had a pretty awesome water Pokemon had I chose Samurott. I find out that line doesn't even learn Shell Smash. So confused. The whole Oshawott family is based off of a sea shell. ;P
omg, it so would not be a NU mon if it had SS (or maybe...?) idk, it can do more than Gorebyss in terms of going both physical/special so I think SS would defs make it more powerful/more liked. It'd have to be a learn at like, level 3 move or something though because that'd make it really strong lol :x

Originally Posted by Esoj View Post
Close Combat is a nice attack regardless of the secondary effect. I think that Scrafty would be complete with it in the moveset, that can surely make it more combative.
I think it'd make it too close to Sawk really. I like that it has HJK instead, because otherwise it might be too strong (although still easily revenged).

Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
I wish Lilligant had gotten more coverage moves, like perhaps Psychic. She can have Dream Eater, which is a Psychic type move, but not Psychic? And there are far stranger Pokemon that can learn it, so why not give it to Lilligant? It'd be nice to have considering her moveset is mainly just grass everywhere.
idk more Bug type moves would make sense considering where it is, maybe fire too considering it is a Chlorophyll user???

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