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    Bay looked at Blaine, hearing out his every word until he finished although by the end of his explanation Bay was restraining himself from abruptly jumping across the table and striking this man. He looked at both Lucy, who seemed immensely tense, and Amethyst, who seemingly receded lower in her seat How could they take no action and let this man talk like this. Although he was slightly ticked off at Blaine's ideals, he was also analyzing the situation as it intrigued him. Bay examined both of Blaine's sons and sets of questions raced inside of his mind and nothing would stop him from asking once curiosity got its hands upon his thoughts.

    Blaine stood before Bay could ask this question and gestured for his three visitors to follow him. Before he took further action he told his sons to bring food to them. Bay watched the two boys leave the room before clearing his throat and inquiring Blaine.

    "If I may, before we go any further Blaine, I have a few questions. How did you travel through time?" he said, half doubtful that this was true but also a part of him wanted to believe this. "Also if you hated the abuse that humanity imposed upon Pokemon, why get rid of them? If the Pokemon turning into spirits isn't enough then what is?"

    Bay had another question on his mind although he didn't want to anger the man, as he didn't know what Blaine had in store for them. If you dislike humanity's control over Pokemon then why are your sons wielders? The question echoed through his head and he wanted to ask it but he restrained himself. He had a bad feeling about this man and he didn't want to be ambushed or trapped underground but he had little to no choice now. In his mind he was going to figure out what lay ahead even if this man was the Devil himself.


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