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    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post

    Geonis T. Cabella



    As a child, Cabella lived on Seraph Island, a sky cloud that neighbored Angel Island. Despite its name, it was a lot smaller than Angel Island and was closer to the sea floor. Still, commuting from island to island was still relatively easy thanks to the Karasumaru that made their rounds to the island often every day.

    Weaponsmith - One who creates weapons for the crew. They are similar to blacksmiths, with the exception that they specialize in creating weapons. Having said that, they are capable of making other items, so long as they have the knowledge to do so.

    Cabella, being a Skypeian who studied their technology, specializes in integrating Dial functionality into the weapons.

    This is how you'll come into the roleplay when it begins and your character's history will conclude with where your character's setting is at once the roleplay starts. The list of options is bolded in the You section, but they are: traveler, emigrant, bounty hunter, ex-marine with the officer, ex-marine alone, pirate, prisoner, officer's escapee on ship, or local. You can elaborate on the setting if you want, but keep details for the background section. Be aware that the crew is formed by chance. Nobody knows that they're about to join a pirate crew when the RP starts.
    If you chose the academic occupation, your setting is officer's escapee on ship.

    However you want them to look! Be sure to elaborate on their body type, hair, eyes, scars if any, and their typical attire plus anything else you can think of. Two paragraphs at least so we get an idea of how they look. You may offer up a picture, but it won't substitute for a written description.

    Create a fun and interesting character. Specify their behavior, habits, pet peeves, and whatever else you come up with to really flesh out your character. Try for at least a paragraph or more.

    Burn down the intolerant, tyrannical government that currently exists and create order throughout the land.
    The history of Skypiea has changed over the years and I'll fill you in on the details but they aren't too extensive.

    About your occupation though. While you can vie for a custom role, being a weaponsmith solely is something that wont provide the crew with that much aid. However, you could have being a weaponsmith a secondary job they do and maybe have their combat style revolve around innovate dial use. What we really could use at this point is a navigator, cook, doctor and shipwright as we need those 4 before we can start.
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