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    Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
    It's probably the easiest way for the newer players to figure out how the game works.
    Fire > Grass
    Grass > Water
    Water > Fire

    Imagine if they started with the other types, it would be more difficult to properly understand the game mechanics instead of fire, grass and water.

    That's my reasoning :C
    That's my reasoning too. It's not so much that Grass/Fire/Water is the only workable triangle (it's not) or the best (that's debatable) - it's that it's the easiest for newcomers to the games to grasp, and that's ultimately the main point. It's to ease new players into the whole concept of types being strong to some types and weak to others, and it works quite well for that, since it's a triangle that makes sense to pretty much anyone.
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