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Lucy - ???
Lucy listened and... found herself in a state of disbelief. I'm sorry, what? Responsible for this world? Separate pokemon and humans? You must've mistaken me for someone well versed in history. See, if I were Hailey I would be thinking up an elaborately cruel way to murder you and voicing it to you in the form of a stream-of-conscious threat by now. Fortunately for Blaine, Lucy was not. As a matter of fact, she could only barely grasp what he was getting at. So... he was responsible for... the disappearance of pokemon. Him and Amy's father. She could gather that much. Lucy, being who she was, frankly did not care. The importance of the past was mostly lost on her for better or worse. Sure, pokemon disappearing sucked and all, but she wasn't even alive for that! Once again, she didn't know what anything other than a post-pokemon world was like. This was normal to her.


What she did know was that this man seemed to support these changes for some reason or another, and that he seemed to have something in mind for... taking it further? For once in her life Lucy was surprised, not because of what Blaine had said in and of itself, but because her pokespirit reacted to it. She wasn't used to this. Normally her pokespirit was rather docile and silent, but now it emitted a low hostile gowl—No wait that was her stomach actually growling out loud. Oops. Regardless, it was somewhat clear to her that this was no random. Her second mouth /did/ have a slight bit of a mind of it's own, after all.

"...My partner doesn't like you..." Lucy stated in a matter-o-fact tone, glancing down at her mid-section briefly. She seemed to be thinking about something or another, most likely relevant to the situation at hand.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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