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em swarms @0x58D094
species - 2
movepool - 8
level - 1 (i think)
map - 1 (i think, based on first map bank)

assuming this is correct, these are the swarms in this data block
Seedot Lv3, Route 102: Bide, Harden, Leech Seed
Nuzleaf Lv15, Route 115: Harden, Growth, Nature Power, Leech Seed
Seedot Lv13, Route 117: Harden, Growth, Nature Power, Leech Seed
Seedot Lv25, Route 120: Giga Drain, Frustration, Solarbeam, Leech Seed
Skitty Lv13, Route 116: Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Attract

they primarily have egg moves and they're primarily just seedot so idk
they really dont seem that special and theyre completely off from what other sites say so maybe theres another block of swarm data somewhere
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