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Lucy - ???
Wow... Blaine sure was good at talking for a dude being strangled to death. Lucy glared at him as he talked, only to turn her attention on two kids that rushed to defend what she slowly came to understood was their father. Oh... he was a dad? She almost felt bad, but then again... not really. They were kind of threatening her. Now, Lucy had no idea what would happen if someone actually used that stuff on a pokespirit wielder. It was against the word of Arceus after all! But... she wasn't willing to entrust her faith into him saving her life. She stared the two kids down, seemingly unfazed.


Lucy refused to say anything at first, until they decided they'd give her a head start. Oh, OKAY. She knew exactly what she wanted to do with this head start. That was exactly 29 more seconds than she needed. Taking the initiative, Lucy promptly bent down, bringing Blaine down with her, and pulled the front of her dress up. Mind you, she had pants on under there. Regardless, she simultaneously and rudely shoved Blaine under said dress, feeding him directly to the large mouth on her stomach, where he was quickly slurped up within her, leaving her looking rather gravid once again. Letting her dress fall the moment he was under it, she placed her hands on her hips and just sort of motioned with her head for the others to follow. She didn't seem fazed in the least.

The first thing the boys would notice exiting the door was Lucy's stomach. The suddenly large stomach combined with presumed but slightly subtle signs of struggle would probably tip them off to what had happened if they hadn't somehow come to the conclusion already.

With all the guts of...well... someone who'd just eaten their /dad/, she calmly turned her head to address them one at a time, completely disregarding their countdown. "Hey boys. Who's your mommy?" she asked in an ever so slightly condescending manner, patting her stomach lightly. Stay classy, Lucy. Without waiting for an answer, she proceeded to fold her arms over her chest and continue. "New plan. We're not gonna fight, because if you so much as touch me, or my /friends/ here, I will /liquify/ your father right here and now, and your /stuff/ won't save him." she said with a complete air of confidence, attempting to intimidate the boys with her attitude alone.

She then... smiled. "/And/... I want you to come with us." she continued. Wait, what? "We won't do anything to you--Except talk." she assured them. "Maybe show you a few things." she continued further, shrugging lightly. "There are things you need to know." she said in a rather serious tone, beckoning them to accept.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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