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Genevieve L’esprit
Wait? He wanted them to wait? In their moment of triumph? Waiting was a futile exercise, surely Lord Auron would command them to go and wipe these pathetic Pokemon from the face of the planet. Or would he? Genevieve hadn’t really considered what orders Auron might have for them. She simply assumed that he would take her intel and command in accordance to what she had thought. Auron did have his own way of doing things, however. What possible reason could he have for them not to go and eliminate the Gold Tribe? They have been nothing but a presilence to his rule for far too long. Like a petulant child who doesn’t like to be told no, they throw temper-tantrums and cry out for attention in vain hopes of changing the outcome of their punishment. Their punishment has already been determined in Genevieve’s mind. If you do not join them, then you are an enemy. Enemies deserve nothing but death.

She massaged her hands against her temples as she weighed what to say to the others. This entire situation was exasperating. How could they be expected to do their job if it took hours, even days, to get anything done. It was like having to go through a middleman. She imagined it as having to tell your leg to move, but your leg needed the proper paperwork from the brain to do so. It was laborious and inefficient. Decisions needed to be made in the field, swift action had to be taken. Yet, even with these thoughts, she knew she could not buck the system. She just “couldn’t”.

“Well, while you people were busy playing 'set fire to the ants',” she responded with a bit of humor, her arm sweeping across the devastation that lay all around them. “I have slowly been developing a lead.” Genevieve really didn’t have to tell them what she had been up to. Only Lord Auron himself could demand such a thing. She decided to indulge them, however. They were stuck waiting here for orders anyway and it never hurt to brag a little. At least, not in her experience. “It has been my goal to slowly cultivate a leak from within the Gold Tribe. Now, it’s no secret that I seem to have a way with men and even select females under certain circumstances.” She looked around and tried to spy if there was a spot to sit, but the immediate area seemed to be sufficiently razed.

“Well, as much as I do love to weave a good tale, I’ll probably keep it short and spare you the minute intricacies.” She crossed her arms and looked directly at Scar. Genevieve didn’t hide the fact that she was quite proud of her accomplishment so far. Trying to turn one of the Gold Tribe had been her goal for a long time. It was always assumed by her that Ragnaros was her best option and that was certainly still open. But Hanso, she sincerely did hope that he could be turned. It would be a battle of philosophies in turning him, one that she would have to win and show him how naive the Gold Tribe truly was.

“I have been in communication with a member of the Gold Tribe. In fact, I have just left a meeting with this individual. For reasons I’m sure you can understand, I will leave this individual unnamed. But, I can say, he has provided me with this information and to the best I can tell, it seems valid enough.” Genvieve smiled, a genuine one, a rarity for her. “He needs me for something, and that gives me the best trump card of all.”