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Originally Posted by Luigi-San View Post
It looks fake to me. All of the fonts (except for POKEMON RUBY VERSION) are wrong, and the Nintendo seal is messed up.
It says Nintendo on the board.

I bought it off amazon.

And compared to a real cart, mine looks real, aside from the E, but that could just be my eyes.

The circuitboard looks fake. It has nintendo and the number thing, but it also has a chip with asian writing on it and a 'black blob'

The cartridge casing comes off easily.

Ah well. It was a christmas present, so I will forget about it, until It affects gameplay.

It also says "The game can be played" which I heard is a major give away.

I shall forget about it, until my file corrupts, which I hope it doesn't.

It may be real, but I'm not sure.

If it is fake, it's a damn good copy, as it is near impossible to notice.