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I don't know why I'm posting because dbp and others said it perfectly! The first generation games were only amazing because you were young you probably haven't played anything like this before. When you play BW, you've probably already played Pokemon a couple times and a bunch of other games and when you don't get the same feeling that you got the first time, it means that the game isn't as good, right? Eh.. it's just an opinion, really.

But honestly, I could never ever go back to the older generation games, they're just so different and the newer games are so much faster and smoother. I do agree with Heracles4 on one point though, it does take an awkwardly long time to enter a building as the game zooms in on the player. Also to exit a building, open your bag, your Pokemon, I'm just nitpicking here but I see what you're saying, it is annoying because like I said it's an awkward amount of time.

I think I might be one of the only people who actually doesn't like the first or second games as much, and I'm talking about the game itself, not the experience I had playing GSC. It's probably because I started with RSE and went backwards, and it was honestly just weird, everything was just so different and the newer games are so much better (I already said that but still). I had a great time playing GSC, it was really fun but I still don't think the games are amazing, there are/were a lot of flaws.
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