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Lucy frowned, watching the scene. In all honesty she didn't understand the attachment. Parents weren't that great, were they? Despite this she could see the genuine emotion. It struck a chord with her, probably the same chord that had allowed her to develop something of a maternal love for Amethyst. Maaan, this was getting weird. What were these feelings inside her and why were they making her feel /generous?/ Gross.

...She took a brief moment to wave at Bay as if to make sure he saw her. How could he not, with that rather gravid belly of hers?

Confusing emotions aside, Lucy couldn't help how she felt and placed her hands on her hips. "Well... You can give him a hug and say goodbye, if you want..." she said casually, ignoring how weird it might feel to have two boys hugging her stomach. "I think he can hear us from in there." she said fairly confidently, poking he top of her belly in an experimental manner, no doubt recieving a punch, kick, or muffled insult/complaint in response. It wasn't very effective.

Lucy would give the two boys time to make a decission and time to follow through with their hugs and or goodbyes, and regardless of whether the chose to do so or not she would then finally allow herself to digest. The process was incredibly quick, and her stomach would shrink back to a normal size in less than ten seconds or so. How does her metabolism even work?! Regardless, the deed was done and she seemed no worse off having done it. In fact she looked rather happy to be rid of that weight! Could you blame her? If Cohagrigus ripped off Yoshi, and Eelektross ripped off Kirby, what the Heck are you, Lucy?

After a moment of stretching her arms and legs Lucy adjusted her outfit real quick and took Amethyst's searching hand. She then cleared her throat to break he ice that may have been hanging in the air after such an event. She then proceeded to speak up in a slightly gentle tone. "Well... You could come with us." she offered. "I mean--I could take care of you..." she continued, a slightly awkward smile on her face. Though the boys might not be aware of it, this was Lucy coming to terms with he mothering side of herself. Perhaps there was a big heart somewhere above that big stomach, one with a large place in it for children she percieved as helpless? No! Run! She eats her children! Ask Amy! Besides, it made perfect sense for the girl that had just killed their father to adopt them! She ate him, and she was what she ate, so that made her their father! Only she was a girl so... mother! Flawless Lucy-Logic!

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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