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Made my sign-up, if anyone wants to read.





Chapter Zero:

Part Zero

Name: Nait
Nickname: Night (Pronounced the same), Midnight
Race: Twili
Sex: Male
Age: 13
Career: Wanderer/Healer

Nait looks fairly similar to the other Twili, but there's definitely something unusual about his appearance. His thin, frail stature is one that bears resemblance to the Royal family of the Twili. He wears only a large short-sleeve shirt that covers most of his body (with a darker long-sleeve shirt under that also wraps around the fingers like gauntlets), Dark shorts (often hidden under the shirt), and a metal band on each wrist. However, he is often seen taking other forms, like dogs, cats, wolves, and cucco. All of these forms, however, still have the 'Twilit' look of being unusually dark with green glowing patterns.

Nait is more often than not, silent. He tends to observe and contemplate situations before he even provides input. His trust is unusually difficult to gain (except by fellow Twili), though his kindness shows no bounds. Likewise, he has no discrepancies towards any other race, but simply trusts his own. He has the ability to heal, and often does so, even on complete strangers. However, his kindness is something that can be taken advantage of. His occasional words are often deep, meaningful, or poetic. This causes people to consider him extremely wise for his young age. Oddly enough, he seems to be one of the few Twili who enjoys the Light world more than his own world.

History: Mysteries to be later revealed...

Other: Magic Abilities:

Heal: Ability to heal himself or others.
(Magic Consumption: High; Determined by amount of healing)

Shapeshift: Ability to tansform into other beings or creatures.
(Magic Consumption: Low; only used to transform, not to retain shape.)

Warp: Ability to warp to other areas.
(Magic Consumption: Medium; More magic if destination is further, or if warping others, or objects.)

Password: Blue Rupees. Quaint, simple, and beautiful.

Fixed Float!