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Great, now I have to go back to Leafgreen.

Update numero uno

Name: Honey

Rival Name: Gary

Never forget...

What you want old man?

Sure why not?

Easy battle was easy.

Never forget... Again...

What you want store clerk?

Oh... That you want...

Here you go old man.

Thank you, old man.

If there was only an option to decline.

Never going to use it.

Replacing Bulbasaur with Ace, the Caterpie!


...Butterfree... Yay...

Easy battle was easy

Good, good...

Pewter! Time for a gym battle!

Get ready Brock!

Wow, that was-


This might be more useful.


The Team! (more like just Ace)

Ace the Butterfree

Supporter of crappy banners
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