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Originally Posted by waw View Post
1. Adding evolutions to Eevee - Leafeon... trying to add this in on Pokemon Ruby with easy use of a Leafstone. Eevee currently has maxed evolutions. I have axed Plusle (good god not another pikachu!!!!) and placed in Leafeon, moves, pokedex, sprite, stats, all of that. I can make Leafeon breed into Eevee (using YAPE). I understand the game must be edited to allow room for an additional evolution. Not sure how to do this however.

2. Editing Birch in the into sequence (and Marill) can I replace him with another trainer sprite? I just can't find where he is. Went through UNLZ a dozen times and cannot find his image. Is there an opener program i could use?

3. Making all trainer battles repeatable - I have advance map, several others, making trainers, and setting up there events. But can I make it so that they can ask to battle again?

4. This is for the end of the game, but I would like to do a series of questions, yes making a battle start, no being a gift of items.

5. Pokemon Red/Blue had pokeballs where you could pick up very rare and unique pokemon (lapras, eevee)... is that possible in Ruby?

Doing searches, trying to find answers, but figure if I can get help along the way it won't hurt. Thank you!
1. Wouldn't have a clue. It would most likely involve ASM.

2. It should be in UNLZ, but you could try opening the ROM up in TileMolester. It will most definitely be in there.

3. You'd just have to delete the flag I'm fairly sure so that the script doesn't change no matter how many times it's used. If you want to have them ask in a new box whether they want to battle again, you'd just set a flag for the first battle and have the script go to a new script for the remainder of the battles with different dialogue. It's fairly easy stuff, and you should have looked in the tutorial section but I'll link you to a thread that more then likely has your answer somewhere. for XSE or for PokeScript

4. This is another simple script you'd have to just take your time to write. You'd have the script continue at a different place depending on the answer. Again, browse the tutorials that I linked in 3.

5. This is another extremely easy script involving the givepokemon command. You'll definitely find it in the tutorials above.