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Hello community, I am here today to present to you a new tutorial, which optimizes one of LU-Ho's less famous tool.
How to edit, and add new tile animated tiles.

Ever wished you can edit the waves, or add more animated tiles. Before you would have to locate the routine and extend it yourself but now there is a tool for that.
so first open up LU-HO's animation editor. Im not sure if I can add his program as a tumbnale, but you can find his program on wah.
Now before you start anything make sure you make a backup.

Don't be fooled by the tools basic design it is very useful.
Now go to load rom and load your rom from the directory.
As you can see once you loaded your rom you can't view, or change any of the animations, that's because the tool is ment to run off asm routine that LU-HO created.
So go to INSERT ROUTINE, which is to the right of load rom.

Looks familiar, its the same free space finder that we have in the earlier advance maps.
Click ok to search, then click on an offset, then click re-point.
Now your free to load animations.
Lets try since it's already on tileset 0 (Which has animation) just click load.

Now to edit easier click the [-] button 4 times. You can also change the display sign to zoom in. Also change the pallet to pallet 4.
Now it looks like the waves we know. Press [Play Anim] To play trow the animation.

Now Im just going to jump in to making new animations before explaining what everything else means so I won't have to repeat myself.

I will be animating this tile (tiles* the other one is just the X-Fliped so no need to animate that tile)
Go to Header and find out which tileset you are on. For me it's 46.
Go to [Tileset No:][ ^v] and type in your number. (I.e 46) and click [Load Animations] More likely there are none there. So click [Add] under [Animation No:]
Make sure your in the pallet you desire, for me it's pallet 9

Now let me explain some things under the -Anim Options-
Seed: Represents how fast the tiles animate when you click add it sets it to 16x, but I like using 32x
Steps Amount: Better word* amount of slides. basically how many different images will be in the animation. It automatically is set to one, which will obviously be change you can't have an animation with one slide.
Anim Slot: the slot of the animation for that tileset. Since some tilesets already have animation you would need to use a later slot.
Start tile: Basically the first tile that you want animated. (Note: You can find yours in advance map but advance map gives it to you in HEX and we need it in DEC, so make sure to convert it.

Also make sure the first two tiles are the two top pieces and the next two are the two bottom pieces.
Tile Amount: How for dose the animation extend to other tiles. where using 4 tiles because 4 tiles make one block
The rest is unnecessary for our purposes, once you have made the necessary adjustments click [Apply changes]
Also to note if you animation is 4 slides (like mine) you actually need 6 slides.
Why you ask? Because they loop so after slide 4 it goes to slide 1 so this is what I do.
slides [1][2][3][4][3][2] as you can see after the fourth slide I work my way back to the original first slide.
Now you can [Save Image] or [Load Image] if you have them ready. (Which I already do so I will be clicking load image and clicking the right on the anime step scroll bar to switch throw slides.
Once your done click [Play anim] to test out your animation. Once your satisfy click [Save Animations] which will prompt you to another re-pointing screen.
If you get a message saying {Save Changes Successful} Then your good, time to test it in VBA.
Well it works for me, I wish I could take a screen shot but it would be useless since I am trying to prove that it is animated xD
Please post in this thread animations you have created, success stories, cirques, and questions.
Program by LU-Ho, affored by Mastermind_X
Tutorial by NarutoActor.
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Edinburgh Well??
Lol, I love that you're referencing Scotland in your hack :D

On Topic: This tutorial is excellent. Easy to follow, and descriptive. This is something I will almost certainly be looking to use in the future.
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The rocks cry out to me

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Thanks I like how it sounds. Edin (Like the garden of Edin) burgh xD plus my favorite hacker is from Scotland ;)

But thanks, I was hoping people would take advantage of this tutorial, and program.
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I'm already using this tool. It was a real pain to work it out all alone, though. I think this will be very helpfull for most people, I guess. Thanks!

Off-topic: Yay! Scotland FTW! I've been there last year - beautiful country, I have to say.
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Yay with the second try i got it perfectly!!
this tutorial was something i needed very much:P
Im not going to post the animations i did it was just an tiles liding one time to the right than to its starting tile it was just an quick test:P


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how to animate door animation grass and tall animation
A door editor by zodiac the great can be found here:
And a tutorial on how to use tile molester for grass animation by thethethethe can be found here:
You can use APE by hackmew to edit the pallettes.


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Can I Ask?? I waa Just about Making my own Animation but When I open my animation editor,The app didn't read my rom?? Please Help how to solve this. and thanks you
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How can I make animated tiles that only do their animation when I pass over them (volcano ash grass like Emerald's and Rock Climb rocks, for example)?
Is it possible, by the way?

EDIT: Okay, I tried doing this following the tutorial, but no luck.
It wouldn't load any tiles... I put, like, 200 different numbers on that Start Tile box and the tile was always black... =/
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