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    Youkai started to exist in the year 1000, where Youkai and Human used to live alongside each other and helped each other out. They build houses together, roads, and even whole villages. Sometimes a Youkai would fall in love with a human, or otherwise. Sometimes they even started families. Ofcourse there where Youkai living from humans, like a vampire who needed blood to survive or a werewolf, who ate human flesh. But they were given blood bags and dead human flesh from the people that had died, so this problem was solved.

    But around the year 1500 certain Youkai's started to scare humans or even consume them. Humans weren't save at night and started to fear the Youkai living in their world. About a year later it escelated, a war started between the humans and the Youkai's and alot humans and Youkai's died in this war, so far that some Youkai species were eradicated.

    Four Youkai elders decided to create a dimension for only Youkai so that the humans would think that the Youkai had surrendered and suicided. This plan worked and Youkai and humans now lived in their own dimensions, only the Youkai knew about the other living form.

    Now it is the year 2013, 13 years after Youkai Academy opened for Youkai's to learn to coexist together with the humans again. Youkai teenagers would go to that Academy and learn how to make a human form and control that form. They would learn about their folk and the human folk, their histories and what exactly happened 513 years ago.

    But there's and organization called "Fairytale" that wants to ruin this opportunity and wants to take over the human planet, doing the same thing the humans did 513 years, starting a war. Ofcourse the headmaster, who was one of these Youkai elders 513 year ago, knows about this. But there's no way he can stop a whole organization on his own since at least two Youkai elders died from their age, it's still unknown what happened to the third one.

    The headmaster isn't sure what to do about "Fairytale" but he knows he has to come up with a plan soon.


    You are one of these Youkai's attending this Academy, you can choose out of a few Youkai, but there will be restrictions on them to prevent a specie to be to main specie in the Academy, it's more fun when there are different species isn't it?

    To explain the "Youkai" being in short, these are simply the "monsters" or "demons" we have in fairytales and story books, examples of Youkai's are: Vampire, Werewolf, Succubus, Snowman/woman, Kraken etc.

    Here is the list you can choose from:
    • Vampire (2/2)
      Vampire are known as a beautiful Youkai with superhuman strength and high battle capabilities, in their Youkai form they have silver hair and crimson eyes. However, this Youkai has a weakness of being afraid of water, this is because they get paralyzed when their bodies get a overdose on their bodies. Sometimes the personality of their human and Youkai form changes, which means they can be meaner or colder in their Youkai form, this ofcourse, isn't always the case. A vampire's power is often supressed with a "Rosary". This can be Rosary earrings, necklace, bracelet, anything in the form of jewelry. Ofcourse Vampire's still need blood to survive so blood bags are found in the Cafétaria, even though a Vampire can go without blood for a month.
    • Werewolf (2/3)
      Werewolves are known as the "Speed Youkai" Which means they have incredible speed. Ofcourse this depends on the stand of the moon, only at full moon they are on their fastest and if there's no moon they can't take advantage of this ability. And unlike in storybooks, a Werewolf can get to his Youkai form whenever he or she wants. The weakness of this Youkai is the moon.
    • Neko (1/3)
      Neko's are known for their kittish act even in their human forms. They are most likely to be find out by the humanity of this even though that didn't happen yet. Neko's have super sharp nails that can tear an enemy appart, so you probably don't want to get in a "cat fight" with them. Futhermore... they love fish, very much. This Youkai's only weaknesses are playable items.
    • Crow Tengu (0/2)
      Crow Tengu is known for their crowish looks. It's a beast from ancient japan that knows how to control the wind with their supernatural power Sadly alot of these species are perverts.... These Youkai also seem to like childeren very much in a father-like way. A crow tengu also has wings, but their fly abillity is restricted to only 10 minutes because of their heavy bodies. This Youkai's weakness depends on the person, however, every Tengu has a weakness. This Youkai is man-only.
    • Mermaid (0/2)
      The half-human, half-fish Youkai. This Youkai is ageless because they steal the life energy of the male humans when they have bitten them. Their mouths turn into this when biting them. They are very dangerous for sailors since they often fall for their luring. These beauties were often the cause of their shipwrecks. Mermaids are fish like Youkai so they are easy prey for other Youkai's when not in the water while being in their Mermaid forms. This Youkai is woman-only.
    • Succubus/ Incubus (1/2)
      Succubus and Incubus are called devilish creatures but are very nice actually. They have very long nails that are supposed to be their weapons. They reason they are called "Devilish" is because they have devil wings and a devil tail. This Youkai specie is also very good at Illusion tricks and being attractive, towards humans though, because this "Attract" ability doesn't work on other Youkai's It somehow does work though.... They are also not allowed to use this attract ability on the Academy, the headmaster disallowed this for an unknown reason. The weakness of this Youkai depends on the person, however, every Succubus and Incubus has one.
    • Snowwoman/man (2/2)
      This Youkai is able to control Ice during snowy days and blizzards. In Youkai form this Youkai has Ice claws instead of hands. They often walk around with a certain lollypop that has as purpose to keep their body temprature down. This Youkai species human form doesn't differ much from their human form. They still should be careful around humans though since their hair becomes "Icy" when they use their power. Their weakness is the weather.
    • Lamia (1/2)
      Lamia's are half-woman, half-snake Youkai. The end of their tail contains a flower with an extract that can pin down enemies. This flower can only open after being in her form for more than a half-hour. Lumia's can also brainwash their enemies, this way it's easier for them to kill her enemies, however, their brainwash only helps for 15 minutes, so sometimes she uses it to escape out off a battle that she can't win. Her weakness is her sight, in human form they often wear glasses. Are these glasses taken off in both Youkai or human form then there's a chance she can't see anything anymore. Since Lamia's are part snake, they also developed a fear for fire. This Youkai is Woman-only.
    • Yasha (2/3)
      A Youkai who's origin was in India but mostly comes out China now. They have the ability to summon "Monsters" but often can't handle it yet when being teenager, which means they often summon the wrong monster than they had in thought. With monsters we mean small dragons, Panda-warriors, Lions, Tigers etc. They use coins to summon them, and when they use the coins their "Third" eye, in the middle of their forehead opens. This Youkai is Man-only.
    • Youko (2/2)
      A Wolf-Fox like Youkai who can have the Maximum of 9 tails, but since teenager Youko don't have so much power yet they mostly only have 3 or 4 tails. They have the ability to make Fire. Their Youkai forms is what you see in the picture. A Wolf-Fox animal that is mostly very nice towards everyone except for enemies. Their weakness? Ofcourse, it's their kindness and naivity.
    • witch/mage (3/3)
      A witch/mage is a Youkai known for their super inteligence, they have a staff where they can perform magic from but this magic is often very innocent. These Youkai are closest to humans and hatred by alot of Youkai's, mostly because they have the same appearence as humans. In the picture, the right one is the mage and the left one is a snowman.
    • Human (1/1)
      YES, i'll allow ONE human in the academy, just to make it... interesting.
      Humans are fragile creatures and don't remember anything about the existence of Youkai. The don't know what happened in the history and don't know about the existence of Youkai academy. This means, any human entering this academy, comes here accidentally.
    • Lycan (2/3)
      Lycan are Youkai that were originally wolves but developed an ability transform into a human. They are known for their telekinesis powers even though it's very restricted. They have a weakness for magic since they can't defend theirselves from it. Futher can Lycan Youkai only move heavy objects for a few seconds, after they've done this they faint from the heavy burden on their brains. They get a headache whenever they use their telekinesis power. They are intelectual creatures too.
    • Fairy (0/2)
      Fairies in Youkai Academy are different from storybooks. A Fairy is the kind of Youkai that makes contracts with other Youkai's or humans and try to make their wishes comes true, but these mostly backfire. If you would ask a Fairy to clean your room, she'll make a contract with you and asks for something in return, this can be anything, from your soul 'till your most important possesing. Once you come back home the Fairy trew away everything in your room or made it explode, like this she "cleaned your room" and you have to keep your promise and give her whatever she asked for.

      Fairies also posses a mirror. This mirror is dangerous for Youkai since it can reveal their real forms and they can't go back to their human forms for awhile. Fairies have magical powers, these are limited with only one element though. Futher there is not much special about a Fairies form, they have wings and are very small, mostly only 5 to 20 inches. Fairies are female-only.
    • Wrathersian Lycan (2/2)
      Wrathersian Lycan's are from the Wrathersa realm and are different from the Youkai realm's Lycans. In Wrathersa, Lycan's have their own unique powers and their own special weaknesses. Wrathersian Lycan's also have a few traits, one of them is that they all have green eyes. In the Wrathersa realm, no one speaks english. Everyone kingdom has their own language that this specie speaks. The Lycan's there speak an odd form of Japanese and is difficult to understand. Even people who actually speak Japanese will only catch a few words from what they are saying.
    • Dragon (2/2)
      Dragons are known to be quite majestic and beautiful creatures. There are not many dragons left and were thought to be extinct for a long time. Dragons aren't quite like how they are in story books. Their color depends on the season they have been born in. Blue is Winter, green is Spring, red is Summer and yellow/orange is Fall. Dragons are very powerful creatures are sometimes feared among Youkai. They can control fire, breath fire and make fire but that's not all. They are also very wise, studious and can learn alchemy.

      Dragons age very slowly. Every hundred years is only one year in dragon years and every thousand years is only 10 years in dragons years. Most dragons die when they reach the 10.000 years. It's known that there are only 5 Dragons left, one is known as the head of the organization called "Fairytale".

      Only the GM is allowed to have dragon characters for the purpose of the RP. This means that dragon characters can't be students.


    • PC rules apply.
    • No god-modding or overpowered characters, everyone has a weakness, bunnying is not allowed too unless the owner of the character gives permission.
    • The Youkai restrictions stay, this is not an unlimited character RP so when the spots are fulled, then they are filled. I might also say that only 12 people can join.
    • If you want to make a "Fairytale" member, please ask for my permission through VM or PM.
    • Romance is allowed, but keep "bed-moments" behind the scene please There are childeren among us.
    • This RP is rated T.
    • You're not allowed to kill each others characters, you are allowed to kill NCP's though, but not teachers or the headmaster.
    • Battles are allowed.
    • And most important, have fun! please don't go insulting each other here.
    • I want to be sure you read this so here's the code you have to enter in your SU after reading the rules section. "____ strawberry" enter a fruit kind your really like forward the strawberry.
    • Histories aren't allowed to match with one from the original characters from the anime "Rosario+Vampire".
    • You're not allowed to make a character from a royal family, a character from a wealthy family is allowed.


    Name: (First, middle, last.)
    Nickname: (Possible nickname.)
    Gender: (Male or Female.)
    Age: (14-20)
    Specie: (Note that there are gender restrictions on a few Youkai.)

    Appearence: (A picture is allowed too, If you're gonna write it please make it acceptable)
    Personality: (What's your personality?)
    History: (What is your history before you entered Youkai academy? Note: Some Youkai's amight have already lived in the human world.)

    Weakness: (This might only be filled by the Youkai who's weakness depends on the person, everyone has a weakness.)
    Other: (Anything else we should know?)

    Accepted Characters:

    Fairytale members:

    SU's about what has happened to the characters since they entered the academy:

    School Grounds:

    (Please tell me if i forgot something.)
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