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    ThanksLeaf Storm, thats true, its a good way to practice my english, and when im ready, i'll go to the corner trades to obtain one of my favorites pokemon (alakazam).

    And thanks Wind Heart for the welcome and the tips about what section can be more useful to me, I will read some of that forums and the rules for post after.

    Have a nice night

    Hi Cid its great to find a fan of final fantasy games too. I rebember of course the cid characters, i played FF8 (my prefer), after de ff7, ff9, ffX, and ffXII.

    I remember the first time i see the ff8 i believed that doesn't sense, because my char only walked around and talk, but in a second try, I understand the game and loved it.

    And about pokemon games, you're right, its very frustrating can't evolve a pokemon just because you can't traded, near of my house i don't met anyone that like pokemon games, so here it's impossible trade, but here look there are more people for good tradings.
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