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>> AVA
>> Sabamin, Eveamoor


The orc's head toppled over as Avangeline delivered her final blow. She stood up straight, wiping the dirty blood off her brow, examining the remains of her battle. Of course, she had won, there was no doubt, but she had been sloppy. Caught off guard for just a second and swarmed by at least six or seven Orcs. Luckily, the dumb brutes were stupid enough to hit each other in the head with their own axes. If the battle had been against highwaymen or perhaps knights, Avangeline still would have been victor. She was good and she knew it too.

Still, sloppy. She sheathed her swords, confident she had wiped out the last of her 'ambush' and wiped her cheek with her thumb. That blood was rich red, not a murky and dull maroon; that blood was her own. So she had been grazed on the face? Wounds only meant that she had to be faster next time. And better.

There was a tremendous roar behind her and Avangeline took no time to spin around, pulling her broadswords from their sheaths incase the roarer was right behind her. It wasn't though. The orc who had made the ugly noise was skittering around a corner, chasing a familiar dire wolf and fumbling for a grasp of the wolf's tail, only to slip on one of its late brethren and fall face first into the mud. Avangeline had started to run for the wolf, to protect him if he needed it but there was no need for her worry; Nem already had his teeth on the Orc's throat and had ripped it open. There was almost an explosion of stench and Avangeline had to wrinkle up her nose. When Nem was sure his target was dead, he bounded back over to his master with the happiest and silliest look on his face.

"Oh Nem," Avangeline ruffled up the wolf's fur, finishing his praise with a scratch under his chin, "I am going to have to give you a bath after this. You stink."

She sheathed her swords again headed back into town, looking for the rest of her team. They had come here as a group and as soon as the orcs came into view, Avangeline ran into the fray, probably a little too hasty, with Nem rushing in after her. The threat had been eliminated anyways, so it didn't matter. She silently hoped that if there were any surviving villagers, they had escaped while the mercenaries were at their work.

>> Dalenham, Eveamoor
She found herself back at the gates of Dalenham, heading into the streets automatically. As the familiar stench of the town wafted into her nose, she quickly thought how she must smell. Horrible, perhaps. She didn't bother smelling for herself; she would have a nice bath with Nem today with her payout. And perhaps some meat. And a nice bed. Not the nicest bed, but an inn's bed was always better than rocks and a wolf for a pillow.

Though, the streets of Dalenham, as disgusting as they looked and smelled, made Avangeline feel at home. She had spent the last few years of her life jumping from guild to guild, making a living as a sell sword on these poop-laden roads. She had seen these streets worse than a sick giant's nose but the sight of it never made her feel sick nor did she ever feel like running away. This felt more like home than those sickly clean rooms of hers back in Falke. But her life as a princess was very far behind her. In fact, she probably couldn't recall the last time she every thought about it more than a good half-second.

Nem on the other hand was trying his best to stick by his master's side as she strode through the streets while dodging the poop. Much like most living creatures with brains, he rathered his paws clean than smelling like last week's fish. His master may not have been the most careful half-elf in Aerion but he liked to think of himself as clean enough to avoid rabies. If he could think like that. Maybe that's how Avangeline liked to imagine he'd think.

"What should we buy with our coin, Nem?" she browsed the stalls as she slowly made her way to the 'Broken Keg', their rendezvous point that Varian had specifically chosen. Avangeline wasn't sure why they couldn't just all go back together but Varian insisted. It didn't bother her at all though, but company (other than Nem) was nice. "That bow and arrow set from Miracyia? How about a nice big steak?"

Being a dire wolf, he barked happily in reply. That probably meant steak since a wolf couldn't do anything with a bow and arrow set but break it.

"That's my boy!" she rubbed his head and his ears flopped around as if they weren't even attached to his head. "But we gotta get our loot first. C'mon."

She took him down a street and around another corner, stopping suddenly outside the dusty bar of 'The Broken Keg'. Not the best bar in Dalenham (and certainly not the worst), but it sold pretty nice mead, Avangeline recalled. Well, she had probably been here once. Maybe it was the place around the corner that sold the nice mead and this place sold bad mead. Whatever it was, she would take her chances. Whatever it was, it was probably cheap.

As soon as she walked in the bar, she immediately recognised Varian and noticed some of the others had found their way here too. Alys, Xeye and Bofvar were gathered but it seemed neither Cass nor Evelynn had made their way back. Not thinking much about it, Avangeline took her seat with her comrades, beckoning the bartender over though he seemed to be making his way over anyway.

"Hello everyone," Avangeline said rather cheerfully, adjusting herself on her stool so she wasn't going to fall off it or make her butt sore. "It's good to see none of you died on the way here! Oh," she turned to the bartender, "a cup of mead, thank-you."

"Ma'am, we ask that you don't bring your do--"

"He won't hurt you. Besides, this place already smells like vomit, I don't think a little dire wolf will make much of a difference," Avangeline kept up her beaming smile, the bartender shuddering at the word 'wolf'. Well, maybe he looked a little like a dog now since he wasn't very old.

"Y-yes..." the bartender, a careful eye on the panting but happy pup, edged away. Avangeline returned her attention back to the table.

"I forgot to ask, did anyone find anything interesting? And spectacular kills? Do share."
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