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Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
If I'm wrong about what you're getting at, feel free to provide an example.

But I think what you're saying is that instead of reviewing like this (sorry, psyanic, but you were the only one I could think of to get any example from!) you mean more like this (sorry, Bay, but you were the only example I could find!)?

Honestly, the "constructive comment" rule wasn't put into place because I was expecting people to post beta-like reviews. It was put in place so that people can know that their fics are being read, as all the reviewer needs to do is just mention something specific about the fic they're reviewing. Like with Bay, she made a few short comments about IceKing's fic. Not a lot of in-depth ones and she never quoted the fic, but he knows that she read his fic because she mentioned something specific about it.
Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
Indeed. All a review really needs is at minimum to be a couple of sentences relevant to the story. "I like *aspect of story*, due to ____." Maybe some speculation on what will happen in the story. Or talking about a character they liked. Or something that could be improved.

Review we would delete would be of the 'This is the best fic!' or 'Please update!'. Something short and pointless and which could be arguably applied to most fics anyway without any noticeable difference. Beta-style reviews (or maybe just long, in-depth reviews) are certainly not expected though.
Both of those are great review examples.

Thing is, after searching around for a bit, most of the reviews are somewhat beta like in nature, save for a few stories. It could be that we seem to have an influx of newer writers and that means more of a reason for beta like reviews. It's awesome that we have dedicated reviewers that are willing to do so, but it might be scaring writers away too.

Another thing I thought of is that this multitude of beta-ish reviews might be a reason why the Beta Place isn't thriving at all. Why bother signing up for a beta when you can basically get a beta review just by posting it? Sure you risk your fic not being the best it can be when you post it, but when/if you repost it, either here or somewhere else, it will have that beta review to back it up.

And yet, it's one of the reasons I like posting fics on forums. It seems that forums tend to be the best place to get in depth reviews like psyanic's. I have one main story I'm working on. Here, not a single review besides a few that were deleted because they were 'this fic is cool, plz update moars'. Those are nice to know that someone bothered to take a little time to post something. But honestly, I post on as well. There I have almost 200 reviews on said fic, of which 75% (honestly they do get better the more you update and the more readers get into the story a bit more) of them are reviews like that, and not reviews like Bay's. And I've had like two people go out of their way to PM me mini novel like reviews outside of the review system there. But that doesn't mean I value them any less. Every time I get an email telling me I have a review, however unhelpful or lacking in depth it may be I love it. It's more motivation to write. True it might be just requesting an update soon, but it still gives me that excited feeling and the want to write more and make every chapter the best it can be.

Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
Maybe this will be something to discuss in psyanic's idea here: I know that we do have a reviewing guide in the Writer's Resource thread, but it's kind of buried. And as you said, Phantom, if people know that they don't have to post beta-like reviews, they might be a little more willing to review. Personally, it took me a long while to learn that I don't have to be really detailed in my reviews, and people are just really happy when you tell them that you liked a particular anything about their fic.
I think bringing a reviewer's guide back from the dead might be good.

I post on AO3 as well, which brings me to my other idea. AO3 has a kudos system, basically a 'like' system. Maybe bringing it up in a reviewer's guide as a replacement to the 'plz update' comments might help a tad. The 'like' system here is fairly new, but this might be a chance to bring it up and give it more of a stable form of use, promote it if you will.
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