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For those of you who are Archers like myself, here's a list of arrow-related products within Aerion.

Ethoran Stingray Barb arrowheads that paralyze on contact
Vanaheim frost-berry juice that freezes an small area on contact with skin
Rowanion Sand Crab acid tipped arrows
Rastran Scorpion venom tipped arrows
Miracyian flexwood arrows that curve at the apex to their flight path
Raelus pyro-weed tipped burning arrows: use a powder form of pyro-weed that acts akin to napalm.
Gryfor crystal ice arrow heads that shatter in body heat after penetrating past skin
Shinguo Komodo Dragon tooth arrow head; serrated and digs in deep, ripping apart the tissue
Mindirion Lead arrow head that leaches water from the body
Elysian wildflower pollen that irritates the senses’ making eyes water, nose run, and throat swell
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