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    Name: Torgaz Zheik
    Nickname: Tor
    Race: Rito
    Sex: Male
    Age: 22 years
    Career: Traveler/Guard-for-hire

    Appearance: One of the first things to come to mind when meeting Torgaz is his tall height. When standing straight up, he comes to 6'2", not counting his unruly black hair; the hair is usually kept a few inches long. Torgaz is of a wiry, muscular build, with an emphasis on endurance. His red eyes have an attention for detail. His wing-feathers are primarily black with white tips. His beak is a little shorter than the average Rito's beak and tapers down to a sharp point. Torgaz's left hand is missing the little finger.

    Torgaz usually wears a plain dark-red belted tunic and black trousers, both with white lining. Torgaz's waist belt typically holds a dagger on the right and a belt pouch for small objects. His shoulder belt, which wraps around his right shoulder and left hip, is used mainly to carry Torgaz's sword; the scabbard is strapped onto his back so it doesn't shift and has a couple straps for keeping the sword from sliding out during flight. He wears his delivery bag, used as a pack, on the back of his waist belt.

    Personality: Torgaz usually prefers actions over words. He is a practical Rito, so idle chatter holds little meaning to him. For that matter, Torgaz never really became talkative with any of the other races. He is initially distrustful of any stranger he happens to meet for more than a few seconds, making it difficult for him to get along with anyone at first; this is emphasized when meeting Hylians. Torgaz has a sense of honesty and would be unsuitable for politics. He especially dislikes people who seem to be lying, or at least manipulating words for their own advantage.

    That being said, Torgaz's loyalty to the Rito tribe and his friends doesn't waver. Despite his dislike for idle chatter, he likes to fill some of his time with quiet humming. He is skilled with a sword, enough to hold his own in a fight. Torgaz depends on his speed and reflexes to avoid life-threatening injuries. He feels he has something of a debt to Everyn, since the Twili had saved his life. As for other races... Torgaz's only big distinction is that Hylians, as a whole, are untrustworthy. Or so he thinks.

    History: Torgaz was one of the more curious fledglings on Dragon Roost Island. He poked his beak into every place he could get to, wanting to know more about the island. Really, though, the main reason for exploring the island was because Torgaz wanted to get out of his home. His mother fussed about how he took interest in weapons and wanting to be a guard when he grew up; his father never really took interest in the fifth of his fledglings during the times that he was home from working as a postman. Only his three-year-older sister, Melody, ever took the time to play and explore with Torgaz, aside from other friends not of the Zheik family.

    After acquiring his wings, Torgaz soon grew bored with being stuck on Dragon Roost Island, even though some of the adults kept insisting that the mainland, Hyrule, was too dangerous for a young Rito. Yet much of what Torgaz heard about Hyrule seemed to support his position that it was a place of adventure. He began spending part of his free time learning how to wield a sword, despite anyone's misgivings. "I have to defend myself, don't I?" was Torgaz's answer to questions about his practice. His sense of adventure, as well as boredom with Dragon Roost Island and a dare from his older friends, led Torgaz to pack up some traveling supplies, his money, and a sword before taking off for Hyrule, at the age of 18.

    Much of Torgaz's first few months in Hyrule was spent largely in the towns and seeing the sights, especially after discovering the monsters that roamed outside town and finding it difficult, if not impossible, to get anywhere on foot in the Haunted Wasteland. As time went on after these few months, Torgaz began feeling aimless. What was there that he could do, what goals, what adventures? Being brave, or foolish, he decided to venture into the Lost Woods. A few days later, Torgaz collapsed from injuries and exhaustion, unknowingly close to the outer edge of the forest.

    He was found and taken back to Kakariko Village by a Twili named, as Torgaz later learned, Everyn. Torgaz spent the next year-and-a-half in the village, at first under a Hylian woman's care. The Hylian had a knack with healing magic and was able to remove the majority of Torgaz's injuries, though he lost one of his fingers to an infected scratch. Torgaz also lost much of his adventuring spirit and spent his time helping with different jobs around Kakariko to earn some Rupees. Everyn appeared sporadically throughout this time, sometimes trying to cheer up the Rito.

    At the age of 20, Torgaz learned that the husband of the Hylian woman healer was running a scam, though this happened under questionable circumstances. To his disbelief, the woman supported her husband. The next day, the two Hylians spread rumors about the 'dishonorable' Rito; Torgaz gathered his belongings and fled before he could be caught. Soon after, he made a job of dividing his time between exploring monster-infested areas and finding suitable routes, and escorting others through the same places, for a small price. The fourth time Torgaz escorted someone, the Hylian merchant 'failed' to pay him, as he fled with his merchandise while the Rito held off a small group of Goblins.

    Everyn appeared at that time and helped dispose of the remaining monsters. After that, Torgaz cracked down on anyone else he escorted that tried to get away without paying him. He noticed some of the growing discord between races and heard the rumors of dark sorcerers. There was, however, nothing to suggest an attack on the Rito tribe or his own life. After helping him a second time, Everyn and Torgaz eventually become friends, though the Twili didn't appear to other people as much as the Rito.

    Other: Sometime during the last two years, Torgaz saved enough Rupees to commission a new sword. The blacksmith assured him that this sword wouldn't break, chip, or lose its edge in a fight with other (normal) weapons.

    Password: Red Rupees.