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Name: Tatal

Nickname: Esired

Race: Kokiri

Sex: Male

Age: Ageless/Unknown

Career: Previously Caretaker of the now deceased Great Deku Tree, Currently a Kokiri Outcast

Appearance: He stands 4’8” tall and his skin tone is white, pale and fair. Wears a white, short-sleeve shirt, with a vertical black stripe running down the right shoulder, tucked into long black trousers, long black boots with a white stripe running down vertically the middle of each. His hair is white although it has a hint of blonde. His build is slim for his race and he also has ocean-blue eyes. His body is without scarring and he has visible shadows under his eyes from sleep deprivation. His cheeks are pale as his skin.

Personality: Tatal used was a more innocent as a child before he was lost within the Lost Woods. He was once a more docile person, having more modesty and being less irritable. He had a stronger sense of responsibility and was more trusting of the Kokiri.

He became conceited and irritable, traits gained from his time being lost. He often acts cold-hearted and sullen although he is capable of some empathy although it is very little compared to before he became lost. He is very outspoken when provoked and it is hard to tell his stubbornness apart from determination, which can lead to him being blindly, enraged in certain situations. He developed a mild paranoia from spending a long time alone then returning home to feel “betrayed” by him fellow Kokiri. His greatest fear was being alone until he had to deal with this for fifty years. He has a dislike towards the Kokiri because they shunned him. Sometimes he regrets trusting them to help him and other times he regrets going into the Lost Woods. He also always has been somewhat irrational. His goal is to independent of the Kokiri although in his worst moments he wishes to seek revenge on them. He has a tendency to feel unease around strangers. He is oblivious to all the events that occurred after the Deku Tree died although he did know that Kokiri could survive outside of the woods.

History: Tatal was once a child of the forest and was a personal caretaker of the Deku Tree 2 years before it’s death, and he was often picked on by other Kokiri as they were jealous of his job. He became a person of great respect to very little and the many rejected him as a Kokiri because of either his job, having no fairy, and his hair that was a visible mix of green and white which made him an oddity. Eventually a few other Kokiri tricked him into going into the Lost Woods and he became lost in the labyrinth-maze.

Over a decade, Tatal spent time in the Lost Woods doing various things. In time his personality began to decay although for some odd reason he didn’t become a skull kid. He became more anti-social and colder from his anger towards Kokiri but soon this turned into distrust. He soon became paranoid into thinking people would betray him again if he returned once he learned how to escape the forest. He adapted to survival in the forest, becoming even closer towards nature. He became adjusted towards close combat with his hands, due to the lack of weapons and having no formal training. Soon he was capable of being able to defeat Stalfos with some effort. His agility progressed until he was able to travel through the forest with ease, climbing trees, running faster, and avoiding groups of hostile creatures in the forest.

Soon the woods turned him into a different person also having influence on his appearance. His hair grew lighter and his skin, paler. He eventually abandoned the traditional green Kokiri garb with his current outfitting and when he emerged the woods, he was almost a new person altogether.

When he emerged out of the forest, he wasn’t recognized and the Kokiri treated Tatal as a monster since he had emerged from the Lost Woods and he didn’t seem to be a Kokiri. He expressed his dislike of the Kokiri and left their village, cursing those who tricked him and wished for misfortune to fall upon them and he left Kokiri Village, hoping to find somewhere he could live in peace.

Other: Tatal is exceptionally agile, dexterous, and nimble.
He has bad eyesight in the light and in the light his blind spot is wider (due to being accustomed to shaded areas) but he can see well in the shade/nighttime.

Pass: Another Purple Rupee