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Originally Posted by C Payne View Post
One tricky thing about that would be the battle animations because I really can't see that fitting with something along the line of PM's style of using flat images in a 3D world(unless they would just scrap the animations but that would be a step back imo if they were to continue in a 2D way seeing as how much more interesting it makes them; it's also kind of disturbing to think of a 3D battle field with paper cut-outs of Pokemon, haha, at least imo). Unlike others who seem to like the idea, I also would find it extremely awkward to constantly swap back and forth from an overworld of sprites to full 3D battles.

I'm sure Game Freak would be clever enough to come up with a compromise, it's just one of those 'have to see it' things though. :D
Speaking about Paper Mario games, they are indeed games with animated flat polygon sprites. But they are deliberately made by Intelligent Systems Co. Ltd. for a paper-like gameplay because the game is based on a stage and story, not a real world. If you've played Paper Mario: Sticker Star... I'm sure you'll notice that most things are either paper with origami-style folding when battling, like when a Koopa attacks with it's shell for instance, and not to also mention... that there's 3D models of coins which are made to look like cardboard coins.

But of course... your point exactly. Why would Game Freak ever decide to make a Pokémon game with paper characters on an advanced 3D system? It's understandable why they did it on the Nintendo DS, due to ROM size limitations and graphical lag when making everything 3D. But now we have the 3DS, which now developers can freely have as many as a million 3D objects on the map, as well as ROM sizes can end up going as large as 8 GB, which is even more than the Wii itself.

Originally Posted by slayerz96 View Post
Btw does anyone know what time the big news will be made tomorrow?
I'm not sure, sorry. The announcement will be made when they announce it, they won't set a time for it, but you think about when they revealed Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott on the English Pokémon website and how we had to keep refreshing the page. It's exactly the same, they're owned by The Pokémon Company, only difference is that the English Pokémon website is owned by The Pokémon Company International which is owned by the Japanese TPC.
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