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Name: Frio Descansas
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Snowman


Things not shown in pic: Height- about 6ft, physical stature- average.
Explaining the uniform (if I have to). Due to him being American, he wears a basic version of the school uniform, with only the colors being the true similarity. And yes that's a a lightly shaven face :D
Personality: Frio is an easy going senior with exceptional skills in science. He tends to slack off in any other class, often skipping classes or sleeping somewhere on campus. His intelligence is higher than average, though he hardly uses anything he knows, and fails tests merely because he would neglect to do it.

His memory is very short term, he would forget where his dorm room was if it wasn't written down on a notebook in his bag (which he checks frequently). Additionally he isn't likely to remember a name as he took up a philosophy that one should only learn the names of people with great importance to his life. Although it is mostly because it take a lot of effort to memorize a name for him.

Frio is also incredibly kind to people, and willing to help in any way he can. He may act apathetic sometimes, but that is just because he has a problem communicating feelings with others. His kindness is also misunderstood by people, often causing them to believe he is flirting with them, or trying to harass them. Though this is unintentional, he does enjoy talking with people and tries hard not to seem mean or hostile. He has no fears, and dislikes people who do things that are wrong.

History: Frio was raised away from his village after his parents decided they wanted to live similar to humans. He lived with his mother, father, and older sister by two years. They tried very hard to fit in and tried living in Alaska. Luckily there they could live very comfortably and were accepted by the community for the most part, (though they were nicknamed the bear family due to their resistance to the cold) and overall as a family of four, it was a comfortable life. Due to the town being small, and Frio moving there at around ten, he was essentially not accepted by the other kids. He never developed close friends, so he never learned how to talk about personal things, and the closest friend he had was an Alaskan Huskie who he was unable to bring with him to the academy.

Frio stayed in the human world through his freshman year but transferred after a school fight between a him and a group of delinquents. Although he won without freezing them, his parents became worried he may lose control and give them up, so he was sent to Youkai academy. During his sophomore year at Youkai he made few friends and kept mostly to himself. He was very lonely that year, though he basically isolated himself from the other students unintentionally, and though that year he thought he had no chance, this year he feels he can really get friends.

Although he lives in the dorms, his parents remained in Alaska, thus he rarely sees them more than once a year. His sister happens to work in Japan though, so he sees her frequently.

Weakness: He lacks the ability to retain his memory of events and lacks expression of emotion (though he has it).

Other: His name comes from the Spanish word for cold. This was what people called him in school before as a nickname, and this is what he remembers as his name. Is parents call him by his last name so he quite literally forgot his first name.
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