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    I want to.. but I'm in so many already... hmmm.... My conscience is telling me not to...
    Screw conscience.

    How bout' a reservation for a Yasha?

    Name: Sorae Kakori Jenai
    Nickname: Volt
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Specie: Yasha

    Appearence: Sorae is a young man of mediocre height, proudly standing at 5’ 7” and still growing, though his growth is slowly getting slower and slower. His hair is tied with a thin red headband which keeps it in the form it is, which is covering the third eye and sticking out of the top, much like some yellow haired guy from an anime one of his friends had seen (Naruto, was it?). It is a very strange color, almost a navy blue, but if anyone had to give an exact color it would be black. The hair below the headband is firmly held down, not covering any of his “normal eyes” or his eyebrows, but enough to cover a the third eye on a windy day.

    His mouth is seldom not in a grin, and he has ace bandages on both of his lower arms for a few scars and tumbles he has had, preferring not to show them. Unaffected by the cold, he would very much appreciate a uniform with short sleeves, although if not he doesn’t really care. The pants are the standard uniform pants (of course) so there isn’t much creativity there. Usually during free time or at home, gray striped pyjamas are worn, and before he goes to bed and after he wakes up, he takes off the headband. However, it’ll be extremely weird to do it in the academy- but he will, only because it’ll fall off while he sleeps.

    Personality: Sorae, or Volt as he’s called more often, is a young man who doesn’t wait for anything. Sure, he can take his time, but he can’t stand doing absolutely nothing while waiting. Time’s a tickin’, you know! Besides that, though, he’s very outgoing, often appreciating other people’s company then being by himself. He knows some basic combat, too, although he’s a total flop at it and would rather throw things instead, as he has very good aim. Instead of physical combat, however, Volt would rather use strategy over anything, skillful at chess among other things.

    The reason for Volt’s nickname is for being a fast runner, like a “lightning bolt.” But Bolt sounded ‘dumb’ according to his father, who suggested the name Volt instead. He rather liked it, and thus he took the suggested name and went with it, being known for that. Like I said though, he’s a very good runner, running to very high speeds and rivaling most of the best track runners at the school he used to go to.

    Volt, although good at chess, hates school. Ever the smart one, Volt doesn’t panic about his grades. But he hates showing off his academic record, preferring the technique of being nice and not as smart rather than just being a guy who’s a know it all. He doesn’t show off his tests, or his report cards, and shows up with supposedly a “B,” a decent grade, but he knows that the teachers gave him straight As. He’d just rather not announce it, instead preferring that the teachers stay hushed and that no one else knows except his mother and father... and his kitten, Meow. He loves his kitten, which is the only thing he can summon at will.

    History: Sorae was born and raised in the world of Humans, originally born in China but moving to the US before he could recall anything. His mother was a witch, and his father was a Yasha, who didn’t know until he had been forced into a situation in which he needed to protect himself. Afterwards, his father went on to master this power in secret, not telling anyone, and became very good at it. His mother was just your average witch, able to live in the human world because she looked just like them. Sorae himself... well, his life was a bit stranger. Born and raised being told he was different, he worked with his father to master his abilities. He also grew hair that was not too long, but covered his third eye well and no one was able to see it. To ensure it stayed down, he tied and secured a tight red band around it, keeping some off it down and some of it up.

    Sorae trained with his father extensively in his basement, trying to master summoning, beginning at the age of ten, beginning when his father gave him the hereditary coin bag (I’ll explain more about it in Other) used for summoning in his family. The first few times he tried to summon he ended up passing out. Afterwards, what he summoned was totally unpredictable, confusing everyone as to what he could do. Finally, Sorae was able to summon something at will.

    Meow, a kitten. A very peppy one, too.

    His father was disappointed in the lack of ability that his son showed, and disheartened, he stopped training him in using his powers, instead deciding to leave him alone to develop his powers by himself (for the most part). His father left the household about two years later, saying he was to journey around to find other Youkai. His trip took about a year, and he came back soon. He told Sorae all about his trip, and then slowly introduced to him the concept of Youkai Academy, more about Youkai, and the like.

    Sorae, during these years, had become a good pupil, however he was an ace at track and had become outgoing also, but refused to tell the truth about his grades to anyone besides his parents and teachers and Meow (which were still around the A range) and many other things. In fact, he tended to hold back many details about himself, just to keep himself all the more secretive and feeling protected, and as soon as he heard of the Academy, he was fine with it and spent a while waiting for the time at which he would go.

    Weakness: Besides the obvious fact that he hides a lot of things (sometimes, but rarely, even pain), Sorae is very hidden and protective about his third eye. Which leads me to this point: Although his normal stamina is very high, when using his Yasha powers (and his third eye opens) he quickly loses lots of energy, making him need to eat or drink something sugary to replenish his lost strength. He also hates heat.

    Other: The reason there is a hereditary coin bag without Sorae’s father knowing he was a Yasha is because his deceased grandfather (Sorae’s great-grandfather) gave it to him as a good luck charm. He knew that when Sorae’s father learned what it was he would be able to use it and pass it on.

    Sorae also has a very critical taste in foods and occasionally summons what he wants. When he does, though, it’s usually totally out of energy and disappears within a matter of seconds. However, if he is very vague, the creature he summons usually has a good amount of energy. Vague would be something like “something dangerous/powerful,” versus something specific being “a lion,” or “a panda warrior.”

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