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    Everyday, we use programs in our computer such as our internet browser, our IM client, etc. But how often do we use them? So here I'm asking you to list down atleast 5 programs you use the most in your computer. A similar thread was made on another forum which I'm an active member of and a few people became familiar with programs such as TuneUp Utilies which can speed up your computer's performance with the information provided by one of TuneUp's users.. I hope we all get to learn something new from this thread.

    So I'll start off with mine:

    1) Mozilla Firefox - I don't think I need to give an explanation for this. It's one of the fastest browsers available. I use this because I've got a slow computer and Google Chrome and other browsers freeze my PC often.

    2) Notepad++ - I jot down a lot of stuff that happens in my life almost everyday. I also use it to note down important stuff such as email ids, phone numbers, events, etc.

    3) Pokemon Online - I'm a Pokemon fan and as I've mentioned in my introductions thread, I go there to battle and talk to my friends all the time.

    4) Skype - There's nothing much I can say about this, everyone uses Skype.

    5) Minesweeper - I bought my laptop 7 years ago and it's still in good shape. So I'm not willing to buy another one. I can't play any other games on this computer other than Counter Striker as it has only got a RAM of 504 MB. So whenever my internet becomes slow either due to problems faced by my ISP or when I'm downloading stuff using bittorrent, I play Minesweeper.
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