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I'm actually the exact opposite. I am so ready for Gen VI. I was afraid that the announcement would have been for a new remake, since that's what 80% of the speculation about it was about, and Gen V would just drag on another year. Gen V seemed to last way too long. I can't really explain why I felt that way, because I'm pretty sure it lasted about the same amount of time as Gen IV.
Oddly enough, as I've been posting around about the games...I'm getting more excited and feeling a lot better about them haha. I think because I woke up to a new forum and new games it was just sudden for me and I was like "SJDKSFJDFHS NO NOT READY YET OMG" but I'm feeling better now.

Also, Kirozane and I are afraid that Fennekin will get manly evolutions. XD

Me too! I want them to reveal them slowly but another part of me wants them all right now. Which is why I think I'm obsessing over Chespin's cuteness even though others disagree with me.
Aerilyn sent me fan art of the three and they're MUCH cuter in fanart than in official art. XD So Froakie and Chespin aren't as bad as I initially thought when I saw them on Serebii. Official art can ruin anything, I tell ya.

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