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(I don't think there's a thread for this yet, but, feel free to move or lock, or whatever)

In any case, of course there is a strong possibility of different types of pokéballs returning (ie. the classic pokéball, the greatball, the ultraball, the master ball, etc.) However, in this new game, will there be new types of pokéballs? What would those types of pokéballs be named, and what types of special effects would they have? (mostly the special effects that have not really have been introduced to the pokémon world yet).

Would the pokéballs play another special type of role in the story? Like, if you take a look at the events transpired in BW, Team Plasma and especially N was against the idea of the whole 'confine pokémon in pokéballs idea'. I know some people, including myself might of speculated that Pokemon X and Y would probably be more science and technology based, so perhaps pokéballs might be influenced with that particular theme?

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