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1. FireFox - In my opinion the only web browser to be used with Google Chrome coming in at a close second. I use this for pretty much everything!
2. Skype - Pretty much always on it, always chatting with my friends.
3. League Of Legends - I play this game quite often, I play it with a group of friends and I enjoy it hugely!
4. Super Crate Box - A small indie game which is quite addicting and does get challenging. I play it while waiting for things to load mostly.
5. (This one is hard to choose) Either DayZ Commander or one of the many programming softwares I use - I play DayZ a load and find it very fun! However, I like to code/programme and I use several different softwares for writing the code, each one for a different language.

As you may have guessed, the 5th choice was a hard pick for me. The first 4 were relatively easy but choosing that final option was hard to do.
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