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Originally Posted by gangos12 View Post
whwre do i find volbeat i have searched for hours in plains and forest but cant find it

and i think i foudn a bug i equiped the unova crown to the daruma yuo get at the trade center and dint work but when i tried it in my dewoot and made he hold it he evolved atoumactily in samurott
Volbeat can only be found by a Illumise that can only be found at Local Trade Station.

With Unova Crown, Darumaka evolve at level 30 and Dewott evolve at level 30. They have theses levels or more and didn't evolve?

Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
If you find a spriter who'll help you will you use non 3d versions of the Pokemon in X-Y and add them into your game?
I believe that soon or later someone will make public 2D sprites and I have plans for putting them, amoung with various other nice features, in version 2.0
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