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    Well, here's the finished SU. Are there any problems with it?

    Name: Everyn Umbran
    Nickname: Ryn
    Race: Twili
    Sex: Male
    Age: 17 years
    Career: Traveler

    Appearance: At a glance, Everyn doesn't appear to be too different from other Twili. He stands at about 5'10" and is fairly thin, with the usual Twili-patterned skin. His orange hair, which has yellow highlights mixed in, is about neck-length and is usually tied back into a simple ponytail. Everyn's orange-iris eyes don't have a problem with holding a staring contest, and others have been known to look away first. His normal apparel consists of an ash-gray tunic and dark-gray trousers; he also wears a black cloak with a Twili-patterned inside. Everyn carries a six-foot staff made of oak, fitted with steel tips, which he can fight with.

    Personality: Everyn is a vigilant Twili who is often mischievous. He keeps an eye on his surroundings, sometimes for his safety and sometimes for a chance to pull a prank of some sort. It helps, or doesn't help, that he can levitate or assume shadow form. Everyn uses one or both of these Twili abilities when searching an area, keeping watch, or getting away from someone who didn't appreciate his sense of humor. More often than not, sometimes because of someone's racial discrepancy, Everyn prefers not to show himself when possible. His vigilance is helped by the fact that Everyn seems to have a sharper awareness of his surroundings. Despite his 'humor', Everyn won't try to pull off anything he thinks is too dangerous or extreme...on a daily basis.

    Underneath his mischief is a feeling of independence. Everyn prefers to ignore the laws of the land of Hyrule. Usually, the only people who could compel him are Torgaz Zheik, the Twili royalty, and the Hyrule royalty, in that order. Everyn doesn't restrict himself to just traveling with any one person, not when he feels there's something else he can, or needs to, do. Even deeper than his independence is a lurking hunger for power, which Everyn tries to not show to anyone. Despite what might seem like 'adequate' control over his own abilities, Everyn feels there is more he could learn and often tries pushing the boundaries of his abilities. If he could find some way to expand on his shadow energy, or learn some new magic, Everyn is more likely than not to go for it.

    History: Everyn Umbran was born right around the time that Ganondorf seized power in Hyrule, though the timing seemed to be only coincidence. He was raised with the thought that he would serve one of the Royal Houses, but Everyn never really wanted to do so. Around the age of ten years, it became evident both that Everyn kept causing trouble, and that he was coming into some sort of magic. After an older mage by the name of Thuri examined him, it was deduced that the young Twili had no apparent affinity for anything other than the shadow energy he displayed as a natural ability.

    Thuri decided to teach Everyn to control his ability, partly as a cover to prevent more trouble. After some time, Everyn also realized the ability to create portals, though he wasn't sure if it came from himself or from his training. As weeks passed, Everyn divided his time between his training, pressing his mentor to teach him more, and causing some ruckus in parts of the Twilight Realm. He didn't work so well with discipline. There was indeed, as Thuri discovered, more magic that Everyn could learn where it concerned his shadow energy. However, Everyn seemed too troublesome and, perhaps, a bit power-hungry. Besides, the mage didn't have much knowledge concerning Everyn's particular ability.

    Everyn was 13 when Thuri took him on a trip outside the Twilight Realm. Everyn had pushed his mentor beyond patience with a particularly loud request to learn more magic. There was supposed to be a store of magical knowledge hidden somewhere in the Lost Woods, or so Thuri told him. After a brief visit to Kakariko Village, they entered the Lost Woods. The fruitless 'search' lasted a few weeks before Everyn's mentor decided they had searched long enough and, with Everyn's portal, soon returned to the Twilight Realm. Whatever the mage's intentions had been, their search and subsequent return had only increased Everyn's hunger for power and taught him to hide that hunger. If only wielding his abilities was less tiring...

    Several months later, Everyn tricked his mentor into following him through a portal back into the Lost Woods, near an area he'd remembered to be infested with monsters. The two Twili hadn't argued long before Everyn struck out in anger at Thuri. Two Wolfos, which had been drawn by the noise, jumped the older Twili while his attention was on Everyn. Watching his mentor die pushed Everyn to turn and flee with the sick feeling that he was responsible. He had never caused anyone's death before. Fleeing in this manner, it was two days later when Everyn stumbled across an injured Rito. Rememering the village, the Twili opened a portal and carried the Rito, Torgaz, through and found a Hylian healer in Kakariko Village.

    Everyn began exploring the less dangerous areas of Hyrule after that, feeling too guilty to return to the Twilight Realm. A few weeks later, he decided to trail a Hylian on his way out of Hyrule Town, with the intent of misplacing a few of the Hylian's things every once in a while and watching the confused man. As it turned out, the Hylian remained in the fields of Hyrule, tracking monsters and hunting those he could fight by himself. Over the next few days, he never seemed to mind finding his belongings in different places at times. Everyn found himself wondering why, and how a man with a staff but no sword or spear could fight (not counting the bow for ranged hunting). He kept out of sight and watched the Hylian, deciding that, hey, why not learn how to fight with a staff as this man did?

    Everyn tried to learn with a long stick he found and by watching from a distance. It didn't work out so well, even though he learned what imbuing the stick with his shadow energy could do. Everyn appeared and tried to help the Hylian with one particular fight; the man began training him once it became apparent that the Twili wouldn't go away or leave him alone. Everyn got his own staff to fight with and trained for the next year or so, still pulling what he thought were fun pranks along the way. He also left the Hylian, named Krisko, at times to do his own wanderings, often popping up in Kakariko Village to check up on Torgaz the Rito.

    At the age of 15, Everyn had learned what he'd wanted to learn from Krisko, mostly about staff-fighting, and asked the Hylian if he knew anything about magic; he was disappointed when Krisko said no, he didn't know anything. They said their goodbyes to each other, and Everyn left for Kakariko Village. He learned, the day afterward, that the 'dishonorable' Rito had fled before he could be held and questioned. Everyn resumed his aimless wanderings, keeping an eye and an ear out for anything about Torgaz or a potential way to learn more magic. It was some time before the Twili found Torgaz again, fighting a group of Goblins. After that, Everyn spent much of his time helping Torgaz with his new occupation, still feeling mischievous at times, still looking for a way to learn more...


    Shadow Energy: Ability to imbue or shock a person, creature, or object with shadow-like energy. Imbuing a weapon, like a staff, puts more force behind its blows.
    (Magic Consumption: Medium; more shadow energy consumes more magic. Everyn hasn't yet managed to imbue anything for more than an hour or so.)

    Portals: Ability to create or open a portal between two locations. Can also destroy portals of his own making.
    (Magic Consumption: Medium to High; increases with greater distance. Used only to create, open, or destroy a portal; also used to maintain a temporary portal.)

    Password: Red Rupees.

    There are rumors of dark sorcerers and such, yes? Someone might go off onto something to do with that. Or maybe there's a scuffle of some sort because of racial discrepancies. Or...well, there's room for probably several different things, though since we start at sunset, the time would limit some ideas. Perhaps someone's trying to steal something...