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I'm sure everyone feels the $60 price tage is being casually thrown on every new console game and some don't even deserve 30-40. A good tie-in with this is piracy, and chances are most people who full out disagree/usually buy their games used will either move to microsoft (assuming they don't do the same) and become a 360 gamer or they will become more PC Gaming oriented. I think that this move wasn't a very smart one and very unessisary. I will probably switch to PC gaming as console gaming alltogether is looking really ridiculous to me. If you ask me, all this is warrienting is an invitation for someone to exploit this system. I just don't want gaming to be entirely controlled by the company that produces the consoles and hopefully developers can have a say in how much is restricted in their game. Also the only gaming store within 50 miles of where I live is a Gamestop and I don't think this is going to go well with them.... hopefully not bad enough to make them move....

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